Before Christmas Bathroom and Kitchen Renovation

Get your home more Merry Christmas by renovating Bathroom, Porch and Backyard. Why not let Tilemall get your home to the next level? With the current events surrounding COVID-19, more families were having to shut their doors and ceased gathering due to government public safety measures. At end of 2020, lets make it happy ending with Xmas and new year celebration.…

The Beauty of Handmade Tiles – Handmade Tile Guide

How are handmade tiles made? Handmade Ceramic tile has similar craft as teapot. Ceramic handmade tiles are made using a combination of clay, water and sand, with additional ingredients such as silica sand, talc or feldspar often included to assist in the creation of different styles, colors or finishes. The mixture is combined, and hand rolled into the desired thickness…

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