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Shapes, Colours Patterns – Be Inspired By The Tilemall Mosaic Tile Range

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Mosaic Tiles? Marvellous! It’s easy to see why so many homeowners and decorators get carried away with the potential of mosaic tiles from Tilemall. After all, mosaics have been a feature in homes all over the world for literally thousands of years, cherished for their intricate, crafted look.

Natural Marble Mosaic Hexagon 48X48 Carrara Honed

Materials of Mosaic Tiles

Let’s start with the material you’re after. Is it traditional porcelain or antique porcelain perhaps? Perhaps natural marble. Now how about shapes? At Tilemall we have chevrons and penny rounds, kit kats and baroques, fans and fish scales, herringbone, hexagon, diamond cube, fan shapes, and a fascinating collection. Just think about it, you can take your cues from features such as arches in your home, set out to create your own geometric statement or just mimic an exotic heritage look. It’s easy to get carried away at Tilemall.


This brings us to colours. If you’re out to make a statement with your Tilemall mosaics you might just leave it to the shapes, or you could decide to go all the way with colours too, and why not? Muted whites, ivories, beiges and greys. Gorgeous greens and blues. Subtle, mottled Ming greens. Go for sunny sky blue, bold, classic black or a combination of both. Why hold back?

Natural Marble Mosaic Pennyround 20X20 Carrara Honed

Perfect for Floors, Walls and Backsplash

Mosaic tiles are the perfect, practical choice for floor and wall tiles. So many Tilemall customers come to us to give the walls of a single room the mosaic treatment and return time after time to treat their whole home. Mosaics offer so many decorator options.

You could be excused for treating whole walls of your home to the mosaic look, but never forget that the tiles from Tilemall are also the perfect choice to highlight one area in any room, drawing the eye and creating fascinating effects. A mosaic wall in one colour is beautiful, but a wall with a single highlighted line using a special contrasting colour or shape…now that’s a real feature. Making a splash with mosaics is easy.

Did someone say backsplash? It’s no coincidence that mosaic shower tiles have been the prime poolside choice in Australia for decades. The textures, patterns, cool colours and rugged durability that mosaics bring are simply perfect around the water. Why limit the look to indoors, after all?

Order Free Samples Now

Mosaics deserve to be seen up close so that you can really appreciate those special textures and patterns, the way the light works with the colours. So let’s make that happen! Just choose the 5 mosaic looks you love and the Tilemall team will send cut samples to your home free of charge – all you need to pay is a modest $15 shipping fee. It’s as easy as that – mosaics to gaze on in the comfort of your own home so that you can be 100 percent sure about your selection.

When the time comes to bring the magic of mosaic tiles in to your home, trust Tilemall to have an absolutely vast choice of quality tiles at the very best prices. Dedicated to DIY? We have the tools and materials to help make that happen, too. For magic in mosaics and every type of tile, Australia trusts Tilemall.