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Tile Warranty Terms & Conditions

Tilemall Pty Ltd provides a Lifetime Warranty on its comprehensive range of wall and floor tiles, guaranteeing protection against manufacturing defects and affirming their long-lasting performance within wall or floor installations. This Lifetime Warranty is applicable to purchases made from 1st January 2024 onwards, subject to the specified terms and conditions.

A. This Lifetime Warranty guarantees protection against product cracking, surface delimitation, fading, warping, as well as expansion and contraction.

B. It specifically applies to eligible products, excluding Natural Stone and custom fabricated pieces like bullnoses, niches, and stair treads.

C. Designed for Domestic Use Only. The Warranty is valid solely for products used in standard domestic environments, not covering commercial properties or applications.

D. The Warranty Is Non-Transferable. It terminates if the original buyer sells the property where the tiles are installed, with subsequent owners receiving the product "as is".

E. Pre-Installation Visible Defects. Tilemall is not obliged under this Warranty for tiles that have visible defects, or if incorrect tiles or batches were supplied, which should have been identified before tile installation.

F. Installation Standards Requirement. To be covered by the Lifetime Warranty, all tiles must be installed following Australian Standards. This Warranty is limited to the tiles themselves, excluding installation, materials used for installation, or waterproofing. For warranties on installation materials, refer to the specific suppliers.

G. Exclusions from Warranty Coverage. This Lifetime Warranty does not cover damages from structural movements, normal wear and tear, incorrect installation, inadequate maintenance, accidents, misuse, or abuse. Tilemall reserves the right to determine what constitutes a non-valid defect. Additionally, slip resistance is not covered under this Warranty, as cleaning and maintenance can affect tile surfaces over time. For higher slip resistance, consult us for High Performance Glaze products.

H. Requirement to Retain Spare Tiles. Customers are required to keep the lesser of 10% of the total tiled area or 3 boxes of tiles for potential future repairs, allowing for the replacement of individual tiles without the need to redo the entire area.

I. Limitation to Defective Product Only. The Warranty is strictly limited to the defective product.