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5 types of wall tiles and where to use them

Tilemall Pty Ltd |

When we give our walls a lick of paint, it can be absolutely transformative. When you tile your walls, however, what can really elevate your home aesthetic and take things to a whole new level? Wall tiles are one of the best-selling categories here at Tilemall, so today we are going to spotlight 6 varieties and discuss how and where to use them. If you have been waiting for the design solution that will reinvent your home, let’s learn more about these unique wall tiles.

Kit kat wall tiles

You cannot scroll through Instagram without seeing a beautiful, modern bathroom or kitchen with kit kat wall tiles. The design features very small, thin tiles that can be laid horizontally or vertically. They are bought in square tile size, but when laid they appear as though hundreds of small tiles have come together. Unlike most wall tiles, kit kat wall tiles are usually seen in colours, although you can still see white kit kat wall tiles.

The best place to use kit kat wall tiles is in small spaces, such as bathroom wall tiles, kitchen wall tile splashback tiles or laundry wall tile splashback. This can be a really effective look, especially when you have a wall-installed tap and a modern sink to complete the look. They might look complicated, but the kit kat wall tiles are easy to install in their square tile form.

Mosaic wall tiles

The modern-day homeowner is much more experimental with home design, which is why we have seen such a resurgence in mosaic wall tile. There are so many varieties of mosaic wall tiles, but one of the most popular currently is the Penny Round mosaic wall tile. These tiles are so eye-catching, as they take on a 3D dimension and are typically found in very rich colour. Tilemall has curated a collection of blue, green, pink and moody colours in the Penny Round mosaic wall tile range so that any home design can incorporate this tile.

These mosaic wall tiles are best suited to kitchen wall tiles and bathroom spaces and can be most effective in small areas. Just like the kit kat tiles, they may appear to be intricate in their application but come as a whole piece and can be easily installed in any room.

Terrazzo wall tiles

The world has fallen in love with this European-inspired tile, and it is clear to see why. A terrazzo wall tile is made up of cement, stone or cement and stone look materials, with marble offcut hand-laid within the tile. When buffed and polished it creates a stunning designer look, allowing the customer to showcase a telescope of colours and create a point of intrigue in their home. If you are looking to incorporate terrazzo wall tiles into your home, they are most commonly found on bathroom walls, outdoor wall tiles and kitchen spaces. Naturally, you can choose this popular tile for any room in your home, but these areas really lend themselves to decadence and the tile is less likely to get lost in a busier area.

Cement wall tiles

Do not be fooled into thinking cement is a one-look surface, as cement wall tiles can be used in a number of ways and create so many different looks. Tilemall has more than nine cement wall tile colours, with different sizes and finishes also on offer. Whether you want something that looks very raw and natural, or something a little more polished and contemporary - you cannot look past cement wall tiles. Not sure of the difference between cement and stone look wall tiles? Order some samples to get a feel for both!

The real beauty of cement wall tiles is that they look right at home within interior and outdoor wall tile areas. If you have an interior style that is quite minimalist with only neutral colours and materials, then a cement wall tile is going to work perfectly. If you have a bold, bright and contemporary home style, then perhaps cement wall tiles will balance this drama and allow those design elements to really sing against the more demure cement look. It is safe to say that you cannot take a misstep with cement tiles, so start conceptualising.

Subway wall tiles

Subway tiles may be plain, but they can transform any area into a modern, design-inspired space. The eye is naturally trained to look for symmetry and patterns, and the perfection of a simple subway tile is very aesthetically pleasing. You can choose to order the subway tiles in separate forms, or order them together as a tile. You can also select a mould finish or a wave finish, which influences the edges of the tile. It is tempting to choose subway tiles in a range of colours, but you cannot go past these classic white wall tiles, so do not rule it out!

If you had to use a subway tile on a large wall area, then the intrigue of the design could be lost. They are best used in bathrooms, laundry areas and kitchen spaces. You can use subway tiles as a splashback, or you may even use to use them around a bath or in a shower area.

~ Tilemall has an extensive collection of wall tiles to suit any room in the house and the personality of any home. Take a look at these 5 best-selling selections and see whether they are going to be the right fit for your walls.