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3 tips for kitchen renovation in Australia

Tilemall Pty Ltd |

Kitchen renovation is never an easy project. The kitchen is a functional space that is used daily, making the design of a kitchen critical to avoid fatigue looking at the same kitchen every day.

No matter how much we want to share our range of kitchen tiles with you, choosing the right tile is only a part of the story when renovating a kitchen. Even the best tile in the world has to be complemented with great interior design to make it shine. Therefore, Tilemall talks through everything you need to know before you start your kitchen renovation in this blog.

Kitchen Interior Design With Wooden Table

Tip #1: Check your budget for your kitchen renovation project

Renovating your kitchen in Australia can be an expensive project to undertake, so it is important to determine the amount of budget that you would like to spend on it. The budget will need to cover the installation costs, labour costs, kitchen appliances, kitchen floors, kitchen tiles and so on. Besides, the cost of renovating a new kitchen is highly dependent on the level of design you are looking to achieve.

If you are looking for a high end kitchen, then you will need to prepare for more budget for the renovation. Therefore, it is important to calculate the cost of where you want to spend your hard-earned cash and where you want to cut costs before renovating. You can start sourcing quotes from local tradespeople to get a sense of current market rates.

Marble Carrano Grey APT 1200x600 Polished

Tip #2: Think about your lifestyle

A household’s lifestyle and habits are the factors that you should consider before starting a renovation. If you are a keen chef, you should spend more money on buying the best and most updated appliances. You will also need larger storage in your kitchen, such as multi-tiered drawers, drawer organisers, corner cabinets and more. Backsplash tiles should also be one of your considerations as well.

However, if you seldom cook at home, you could devote a larger chunk of the budget to beautiful finishes, such as kitchen islands and stovetops decorated with natural marble tiles. Hence, it is important to plan the size and layout of the kitchen ahead based on your lifestyle to avoid moving any existing plumbing and appliances in future.

terrazzo floor wall tiles

Tip #3: Consider where the tiles will be installed

You will need to decide where you want to install the tiles in your kitchen before you head over to your tile manufacturer. This is important because different tiles have their own functionality and are made for various surfaces. Tiles can be placed as a backsplash for your stove or by the wall near your cabinets, as well as your floors. So, if you know where you want them, you will find the suitable tile material for your kitchen.

When planning a kitchen renovation, you should think about the type of wall tiles and flooring you are looking for as they have a huge influence on the look of a home and it is not easily changed.

Keep in mind that whether you are looking at the tiles, flooring, timber or carpet, always choose the best option you can afford. A durable, good quality tile will not only wear well, but it will also stand the test of time and remain beautiful for a long time.