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6 Ways Marble Tiles Can Elevate Your Home Style

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Marble is a look that cannot be replicated, as it has an air of luxury that you cannot find in other tiles. Whether you are hoping to achieve a subtle, design-inspired space or you are looking for something more dramatic - then marble tiling is the way to go. This is a home refresh that will make a big impact on you without changing too many elements or spending too much!

Let’s look at these 6 ways you can use marble tiles to elevate your home style.

Revamp your wet areas with marble bathroom tiles

If your bathroom is functional but not quite opulent, you might simply need a revamp by re-tiling the space. You can buy marble tiles or marble look tiles, and choose to have a feature wall within your bathroom, tile the floors or even tile all the walls. Whatever you choose will have a big influence on the look and feel of your bathroom, especially if you choose a marble colour blend that complements the tapware and finer details of your bathroom decor.

Remember, if you have brushed gold tapware - aim to find a marble tile with a gold vein. The same goes for silver, copper and darker tones. Tying your marble tile and tapware together will bring stunning cohesion to your bathroom.

Add some intrigue to your kitchen splashback

Refreshing your kitchen splashback with a marble tile might be exactly what your space needs. This can look stunning against a marble benchtop, and you can choose a marble blend that is going to look beautiful in the natural light. You may wish to order a sample tile so you can see what marble wall tile is going to look best for the space, especially if you have a well-defined decor and colour scheme with your appliances. You might find that the opulent marble tile you had your eye on is too dark and heavy for a kitchen, and you might like some of the larger marble designs instead.

Marble Tiles

Refresh your kitchen floors

If you are looking to take your kitchen to the next level and haven’t figured out how to elevate the space, then do not overlook your floors. Laying a marble tile can really give your kitchen a modern yet classic twist, and the shine on those tiles will make your kitchen look fresh, clean and inviting. Who doesn’t want that for their kitchen? Marble floor tiles can come in a range of sizes, so it is a great DIY job to retile your kitchen space or tile over other floorings (hardwoods, vinyl, etc). You might like the look of long and wide marble tiles or the smaller tiles - the choice is yours!

Bring a European flair to your outdoor space

Transform your outdoor space with a fresh marble floor tile in your patio, courtyard or balcony. This can look great with steel and timber outdoor furniture, and the drama of the marble pattern can really look stylish against a garden. Not only are outdoor tiles easy to lay, but the maintenance and care of these marble-look tiles can make them a very low maintenance choice. This is one of those home improvement jobs that takes a little effort but has a huge pay-off.

Make a statement with a marble tile feature wall

A marble feature wall could be a stunning addition to any room. Perhaps your powder room needs an injection of luxury, or your study or bathroom could do with a cosmopolitan corner. Decide on a wall that is unobstructed and begin your tiling makeover! Consider how you can style this bold feature wall with gold, brass or silver accents and other decadent decor stylings. This might also be a great place to park a bar cart or place a regal armchair.

Create a luxurious entryway

Does your home have a warm and inviting atmosphere when you arrive home? If not, you might want to create a luxurious entryway to your home with marble floor tiles. This also has the added benefit of giving your home a hardy flooring solution that can contain wet shoes, umbrellas and the elements that await outside. Depending on the other flooring throughout your home, you can try and match your marble tile selection by choosing a marble ‘vein’ colour that is prominent throughout the home.

~ Tilemall is one of the premium tile suppliers in Australia, with a wide selection of marble tiles and marble-look tiles in different sizes and styles. Selecting a collection of marble tiles can aid you in your selection, and allow you to see how they appear at various points in the day. Whether you are looking for a dramatic marble style or something subtle, marble can elevate the aesthetic in your home and bring a luxurious look and feel to any room you are looking to enhance.