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How to Style a Bathroom With Wooden Features

Tilemall Pty Ltd |

As we’ve moved further and further into the 21st century, we’ve seen many design trends come and go. The simplistic styles of the 90s transitioned into the early minimalism of the 2000s, only to shift towards softer palettes in the 2010s; the look of the modern bathroom has been as varied as one would expect from such an ever-changing part of history. However, despite all these shifts, there are some features and styles that just never seem to quite disappear. Forms of minimalism still reign supreme as extremely popular modern design styles, and even some of the more maximalist, bohemian styles of the early Y2K era continue to pop up with the shift towards earthier tones.

With all this in mind, the fact that wooden features have maintained such a stranglehold on bathroom design and style likely doesn’t come as too much of a shock. Bringing almost rustic textures into the sleek, modern lines of current design has offered renovators a highly unique way to add texture to their bathroom spaces. So, if you’re a fan of clean natural design, chances are you will have quite a bit of wood already in your bathroom.

If you’re someone who prefers timber-look to the pure modernism of sleeker, shinier bathroom spaces, then this article is for you. Today, we’re going to take a look at wooden bathroom design and see if we can provide you with some ways to keep it looking its best.

Blending Wood Grains With Minimalism

Whilst minimalism can mean a lot of things in design, when we refer to it here, we will be referring to it as an unintrusive design method that does not attempt to draw the eye from its surroundings. It’s the soft, cream wall that acts as a backdrop for other items, and with a highly textured design material like wood, keeping your wooden items front and centre is going to be a phenomenal choice. Unfortunately, for those of us who prefer more maximalist styles, the wood grain can make setups like that feel a tad disjointed and overly complicated, so tread carefully when adding more items to your overall aesthetic.

Match the Wood With Nature

When we see wooden items, we are often reminded of the nature from which they came, and all that comes with them. It’s refreshing, it’s peaceful and it makes for the perfect accompaniment to plants and plant life that can bring some freshness to your spaces. Crawling vines, succulents, pot plants; all of these will offer you a fantastic little way to get some greenery into space as long as you’re willing to take care of them. A green plant in a wooden bathroom might be a great reminder of nature, but a dying plant can offer a far less pleasant vision to those who enter your bathroom area.

Pair Your Tiles Well

This can mean a lot of things based on your tastes and preferences, but for our purpose, it means working to ensure that your wooden accessories and items match up with some quality tiles. For example, for those who want to stick with the wood theme, Timber Look Tiles can be a fantastic option. Alternatively, you could just stick with a complimentary colour scheme, such as working with greens and blues to continue the more naturalistic design energy that we’ve been discussing.

Keep Everything Spotless

Unfortunately for those of us who prefer more natural-looking textures and aesthetics, cleaning wooden designs is much more important than it may be for simpler-looking designs. Wood can show dust, and with the grain making that dust clearer and visible in some cases, it’s important to give everything the cleaning treatment on a somewhat regular basis. That way, you can stay on top of any cleaning requirements, all while avoiding the buildup of dust and other dirt.

~Decorating and styling a bathroom with wooden features is an absolutely fascinating experience filled with new reasons to try things, explore, and really make the space your own. Want help with that? Explore Tilemall today, and find your next tile or bathroomware obsession today.