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How to Pick the Perfect Vanity For Your Bathroom

Tilemall Pty Ltd |

What makes a room feel considered? This may seem like quite a vague question to start this piece with, especially since you’ve already seen the title, but for renovators, it’s an important consideration. Each room in your house is going to be incredibly different, and even if they are the same stylistically, they are going to have a different purpose and way of using them. A master bathroom is going to be different from the home’s main bathroom, just as the living room is going to have different requirements than the kitchen. However, each of these rooms is an important part of your home, and whilst each has different functionalities, there are some commonalities in how to determine what those rooms will benefit from.

Personally, I would argue that the way to create a well-considered space is to take the “primary function” items of a room, the items that are necessary for the room to fulfil its purpose, and build the room in a way that allows those objects to feel cohesive. A good bedroom, for example, will be one that allows for the easy placement of a bed and chest of drawers, with everything else being built around them. So, when we take this method of room design into the bathroom, we have to consider what the focal point of that space will be.

In steps the vanity, a flawless focal point and cornerstone of any modern bathroom design. Bringing together the basin, drawers and often a mirror, the vanity may not be the only essential item of a bathroom, but it’s one of the most frequently used. From washing our hands to brushing our teeth to making sure we’re looking awake and ready for the day, the bathroom vanity is part of our daily routine, so it’s important that it looks right within the space.

At Tilemall, we stock a wide selection of Australia’s best and brightest vanity brands, including such classics as Otti Australia and Lamex. So, when it comes to choosing the right bathroom vanity for a particular space, we have the range and expertise to help you through the process. With that in mind, let’s take a look at a few considerations when choosing a vanity for your bathroom.

Bathroom with modern vanity

Bathroom Vanity Vs Bathroom Size

Many of us, myself included, enjoy a slightly more maximalist approach to decor and design, especially when it comes to fixtures such as mirrors. Because of this, a lot of people prefer the larger, more lavish options for their bathroom vanity, and whilst there’s nothing wrong with that, it can pose issues when you don’t have the space to facilitate it.

Bathrooms shouldn’t feel confined and restrictive, and any space that you’re giving to a bathroom vanity will be space that can’t be used to walk around. So, when you’re picking a vanity, make sure it’s one that you’ll be able to comfortably coexist with, even if it means going a little smaller than initially preferred.

With all that being said, however, also do keep in mind that most bathroom vanities double as bathroom storage. So, if you go too small simply to save space, you’ll be giving up a lot of the drawer area that you would otherwise be using to store your toiletries, makeup, cologne, etc. This will be more of a sticking point for some than for others, but it’s important to find the right balance for your bathroom, especially if you’re dealing with master bathrooms, which tend to be quite cramped and confined, to begin with.

Bathroom Vanity and Tapware

The Plumbing Problem

One thing that rarely gets considered during a DIY renovation is the amount of work that needs to go on behind the scenes to get any plumbing fixtures working correctly. After all, each different variety of tap, vanity, toilet, bath, etc. is going to have its own requirements in terms of additional plumbing work, and this can be quite a complex, costly process if you’ve gone for something that really doesn’t fit with your original plumbing setup.

This should not dictate whether or not you get your dream bathroom, let alone your dream vanity, but it’s a good reminder that once you get your new vanity set up and ready to use, it isn’t always easy to change your mind. A vanity will be connected to your plumbing, often with quite a bit of new pipework, so before you make the final decision, make sure you’ve got a vanity you love in your space.

Stylish Bathroom Interior Design

Consider Your Bathroom Style

Finally, consider what the rest of your bathroom looks like. Vanities come in all shapes, sizes, colours, designs, materials, and more, just like your bathroom tiles and other fixtures.

In other words, what may be perfect for one bathroom stylistically won’t be the perfect choice for another, and this is important to remember with a bathroom vanity because, as we said in the previous point, it can be hard to swap out after it’s installed.

If you really have no idea what’s going to go well with your bathroom aesthetic, consider going for styles that are generally going to go well with everything. For example, you can go with natural wood finishes, which will complement modern and rustic-style bathrooms alike. Additionally, you can try to stick with the current colour palette of your bathroom design as it is, but keep in mind that getting a vanity that’s a slightly different shade from your tiles can make things look a little uncanny.

Bathroom design is as fun as it is complicated, but for those that are looking to make the best choice with their fixtures and vanities, Tilemall has you covered. With thousands of vanities, tiles, fixtures, accessories, and more, you can’t go wrong with Tilemall’s premium-quality design and manufacturing standards. To learn more, explore our range, or stay up-to-date with the Tilemall bathroom blog for more informative tips and tricks just like this.