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Colour in Tile Design: How to Choose the Right Coloured Tiles

Tilemall Pty Ltd |

Tiles hold a special place in the world of home design. As an addition that brings both form and function to an abode, the tile is arguably one of the more ubiquitous parts of the household, perched alongside curtains and blinds in the hierarchy of home design essentials. With that said, tiles are not all the same, and a change in colour, size or shape can completely shift the aesthetics of the space in a major way.

At Tilemall, we are dedicated to offering a range of tile colours and varieties that maintain a consistently high standard for quality and craftsmanship. With that in mind, we want to take a quick look at tile colours, how to choose tiles based on colour matches, and how your chosen tile colour impacts your home design at large.

Tile Colour & Style: Embracing Aesthetics

It should come as no surprise to most of you that there is a lot of variety in tile colours. However, despite this, the past few decades have seen shiny, white tiles effectively become the default, especially for bathrooms and kitchens. It’s easy to see why, of course: shiny white tiles signify cleanliness, and in turn, make it easier to spot dirt and dust for routine cleaning and maintenance. Whilst we certainly aren’t going to malign the beauty and elegance that glossy white tiles provide, it is important to remember that there is a wide array of options, each of which comes with its own styles, aesthetics, and surprisingly, tangible benefits.

Take grey, stone-look tiles as an example. As one of the more popular shades for home design, the tranquil stone grey brings an immediate air of elegance to any bathroom or kitchen, whilst still offering an experience that feels altogether natural and artisanal. However, this style also brings with it some more psychological boons than just its undoubtedly beautiful aesthetics. According to colour psychology principles, grey represents a sense of balance and neutrality. It is a calming colour, making it the perfect accompaniment to a bathroom area where one often starts their day. Different colours will evoke different energies and moods, giving your choice of tile colour an inexorable power.

Other calming tile colours include green tiles, blue tiles, and even brown tiles.

Different Colours For Different Uses

When we mentioned earlier that white tiles are often the norm for new renovators, we neglected to clarify one point, and that is the fact that the preference for white, bright surfaces tends to lean more towards wall tiles than floor tiles. This isn’t to say that lighter floor tiles haven’t been used to stunning effect, but in utilising them as a floor option, you completely change the look of a room.

As a very general trend, wall tiles are often lighter than their darker floor contemporaries. This tends to be because floors are more prone to wear, tear, and most importantly in terms of tile colour, dirt. No matter how resistant and high-quality your tiles are, eventually your floors are going to get a little dirtier than your walls, and when they do, it will be far less apparent on slightly darker floors than the shining, shimmering sparkle of brighter variants. Once again, this isn’t to say that light floor tiles are a worse choice by any means, it’s just important to keep things like this in mind when selecting your tile colours and styles.

How to Choose the Right Coloured Tiles

Embracing Colour in the Modern Kitchen

For many people, 2022 has marked a time to try something new with their home designs and decor, and what better way is there to do this than by bringing some extra colour into your house? Kitchen tiles in various colours have become increasingly popular over the past few years, both in terms of full kitchen fit-outs and smaller colourful tile features to accentuate and complement a space. With pink tiles brightening spaces and beige tiles offering that understated charm many strive for in their spaces, there are so many options available to those that are willing to try something new.

~ We could go on about tile colours and tile designs forever, but we hope this has given you a better idea of what options are available in terms of choosing the right coloured tiles for your needs. To learn more, stay up to date with the Tilemall tile and bathroomware blog for all the latest tile tips and tricks!