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How To Pick Awesome Colour for Tiles

Tilemall Pty Ltd |

Are you thinking about changing your home? Colour choices will always have a tremendous impact on the aesthetic of the property. Specific colours can make your home look modern and magnificent or fit with the rest of the decor. If you are using tiles to decorate the floor or wall of your property, then you can choose from countless colour options including yellow, black, green, blue and white.

The colour of the tiles you use can have a lasting impact on the emotions of people when they walk into the room. Selecting a specific colour can make your home feel energised, tranquil or even help create an inspiring new part of your property.

Here are some tips to help you select the best colour of tiles.

Think About Overall Style

First, you should consider the overall style of the property. For instance, you might have a modern new build. If that’s the case, grey or white tiles could fit beautifully here. Alternatively, if you have an older property, you may want to consider brightly coloured tiles for rooms like the bathroom to create a mosaic effect. You can also clash the tile colours to ensure that they stand out more from the rest of the decor. Alternatively, in the bathroom or kitchen, you can match the flooring tiles with the colour of the tiles covering the walls for a seamless room design.

Consider The Available Space

When selecting the right colour option for your tiles, think about the space available in the room as well. For instance, you may want to choose lighter tiles for a room that is more compact. This will help make it seem more spacious. Pastel shades are ideal for a soothing element that doesn’t stand out too much as part of your interior design. Don’t forget to view your tiles under different lighting to see how they will appear in your home specifically.

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Selecting The Right Colour For You

Here are some of the key colour choices that you can select for your home tiles and the benefits that they will provide.


Using white tiles in your home will provide an area that looks clean, clear and modern. It is the perfect choice for a contemporary home design. However, you will need to regularly clean them as dirt will be immediately apparent. A popular choice for a white tile style is subway tiles. As the name suggests, these mimic the bricks of a subway and can be used to decorate a kitchen or bathroom.


Beige tiles are both soft and calming. At the same time, they do help ensure that a space is lighter and brighter, working well with various patterns and different textures.


Brown tiles can be suitable for an older home and may also elevate a sense of calm or serenity for anyone entering the room. You can use brown tiles to contrast with white ceilings as well as various other features in a room such as a kitchen.


If you want to ensure that your home or a space in your property looks luxurious and sophisticated, black tiles are an awesome option. Black tiles can also be part of a powerful room design that dares people not to pay attention. It is another common choice for modern homes.


Create a biophilic design with green tiles in your home. This can provide sensations of wellness while green has also been shown to inspire creativity when used as part of interior design.

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You can use yellow tiles to create a room that feels energetic, optimistic and joyful. Choose tiles that are butter coloured or sun-drenched depending on the atmosphere that you are trying to create. This is a great choice when elevating or accentuating a kitchen that feels dull.


Whether you opt for tiles that are bold like navy or royal blue or lighter such as sky blue, this colour is a brilliant choice for your home. Darker colours create an atmosphere of calm and trust which is why they are commonly used in bedroom spaces. Alternatively, lighter shades provide a space of tranquillity which makes them popular for bathrooms, living areas and any other room where people are keen to relax.


Pink tiles will add a delicate shade to your home that helps generate ideas of both love and nurture. Pink tiles can be used anywhere from the kitchen to the living area when combined with the right furniture and fixtures. Don’t forget, if you are decorating a kitchen space then you can get splashback tiles in the same colour as the flooring, bringing the room together.


Grey tiles are a versatile option. They can be used to create a base tone as part of an interior design. Alternatively, they can also be a feature point of a room that will stand out from other elements including chosen furnishings.

We hope this helps you choose the perfect colour of tiles when redecorating your home.