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5 Modern Floor and Wall Tiles Ideas And Trends

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It is certainly the golden age for DIY projects, with social channels and endless inspiration allowing us to take a trend and put it into reality. Tiling ideas and trends have come a long way in recent years, with renovators taking chances and implementing design features that can make a huge impact in a room. If you are looking for some floor and wall tile ideas and trends, here are 5 of the top trends we have seen and loved at Tilemall.

Big Terrazzo Light Grey 600x600mm

Terrazzo tiles

No one needs to be sold on the idea of terrazzo tiles trending, as they have found their way into so many homes. Terrazzo wall tiles and terrazzo floor tiles can be used in so many different rooms and spaces, with the renovator able to choose the size of the marble inside the stone tile and the colour variations found in each of the terrazzo tiles. Chunky terrazzo designs can look fantastic in a large room, whereas smaller terrazzo designs can look very stylish in small rooms or areas. Terrazzo tile is an amazing way to create a feature in any room of your house, they are bold and catch the eye, meaning you don’t need to use wallpaper or paint to achieve a stunning finish.

Mixing tile textures

Another trend on the rise is mixing tile textures to create interesting textures in a room. This means having a gloss wall tile with a matt floor tile, or vice versa. We always lean towards matching textures as it creates a cohesive look and feels, although this trend allows a space to be less one-dimensional. If you are not sure which tiles to choose for a matt and gloss finish, there are some tiles that will typically lend themselves to one way. For example, cement tiles and terrazzo tiles are often most popular in matte, whereas marble tiles and mosaic tiles are more popular in gloss.

Deep, bold colours

Colour exploration is certainly a trend on the rise with renovators feeling comfortable including bright or deep colours in their home designs. Usually, it was only white, grey and black tiles that were considered for the walls and floor but no more. Kitchen splashback tiles are more often found in deep, bold colours, as it is a small area of the kitchen and can be quick and impactful. We are also seeing bold floor tiles in the bathroom and laundry spaces, with white accents rather than an overall white look. Suffice to say, Tilemall has an extensive collection of floor and wall tiles in every colour on the spectrum, when you want light and bright or dark and moody colours.

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Single concept

With so many tastes and styles to cater to, it’s no wonder we are seeing a trend toward simplicity. Single concept tiling is when one tile type, both size and colour, is chosen for a room. We typically see this in a bathroom or a laundry, although there are some kitchens that also have floor and wall tiles that are totally uniform. This design trend is particularly popular in older homes with a classic, heritage-inspired home. As the home already has a lot of character, a single concept tiling option will only complement those unique features.

This is also a common design choice to make when renovators are building an investment property, as a single tile concept is versatile and going to appeal to a large group of possible tenants, rather than a bold tile scheme scaring off an audience.

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Timber look tiles

Timber looks tiles are one of the more recent tile variations, available in both wall tiles and floor tiles. As the name suggests, these timber look tiles have the natural characteristics of timber and can look exactly like it when laid. Timber flooring is a beautiful choice for so many types of homes, but they are quite high maintenance when compared to tiling.

Timber look tiles give renovators the opportunity to have the best of both worlds, and not comprising on the look and feel of their home concept. This is a particularly popular idea if you are adding an extension to an older home with timber floors and finishes, but do not want to lay real timber but still keep with the theme of the home. Spills, weather, and any other issues will not phase your timber look tiles!

~ Which of these 5 wall tile and floor tile trends interest you, and which could work for your home? It’s important to consider the look and feel of your home, not only now, but into the future as well. Choosing tiles should be a measured and considered process, be sure to think carefully about these trends and do your research properly. Pick a tile that matches your aspirations for your home design and helps you feel a certain way when you walk into the room.