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Tile Maintenance Guide: Quick Tips For How to Keep Your Tiles Looking Their Best

Tilemall Pty Ltd |

Tiles can put up with a lot in terms of wear and tear. Whether porcelain or marble mosaic, floor tile or wall tile, our tiles are meant to be something that will last years. However, issues can arise, and over time, even the most sturdy of materials will start to show their age when not properly cared for. This is where the essentials of tile maintenance come into play, and why knowing how to care for your tiled areas is so essential.

The right maintenance system can extend the stylish lifespan of your tiles by years, and if you’re someone who truly cares about keeping their house immaculate, then these tips are definitely going to be for you. At Tilemall, we provide Australian homes and businesses with an expansive range of beautifully curated tiles, bathroomware, vanities, accessories, and more. So, needless to say, we’ve spent a long time making sure that our tiles stay looking their absolute best.

So, if you’re ready to bring out the best in your tiles, read on.

Pay Attention to Your Entryways

As you can imagine, a lot of tile maintenance tends to come down to preventing the signs of wear from arising, which is far easier in places that aren’t experiencing much in the way of foot traffic or use. However, for your walkways, which are often the place where most walking on tiles will take place, wear, dirt, damage and debris are inevitable without the right measures in place.

For these areas, consider placing rugs and mats that will allow for a seamless, simple solution and keep your entryway tiles from harm. Also, remember to dust and clean these spaces regularly as stains and grime will be quick to build up, especially if there are people wearing shoes in the house. By cleaning semi-regularly and staying on top of any dusting, you can avoid discolouration and damage to your tiles in the long term.

Speaking of cleaning…

Make Sure You’re Cleaning the Right Way

We tend to think of tiles as their own singular type of material, and while this is fine in some areas, it can cause issues with tile maintenance if one material requires different cleaning solutions than another. Though most tiles will be fine with a simple detergent and hot water mix, it’s important that you do research into the specifications of your tile choice to avoid any issues.

Luckily, there are some materials that you’ll be able to find specifically formulated cleaning solutions for, such as stone and marble. So, if you’re worried about making the right call with your tile maintenance choice, look into whether your tile material has a well-reviewed product associated with it on the market.

Remember Your Tile Waterproofing

When it comes time to lay tiles, not all areas are going to be the same. More specifically, depending on the amount of water an area is likely to receive, waterproofing will be an essential part of the process. This waterproofing should, in most cases, be taken on by a licensed professional, and should be followed by a sealing grout. An improperly-waterproofed bathroom floor can lead to a number of major issues, including tile damage and the growth of mould. So, if you’re placing tiles and want them to last a long time, it’s best to get this part right the first time.

~ Maintaining your tiles isn’t a difficult task, but it’s one that takes some diligence to do right. For the most part, well-maintained tiles are a product of consistency, and if you can commit to some basic cleaning and care, your tiles will stay fresh and beautiful in the long term. If you’d like some more tips, tricks and information on tiles and tile maintenance, consider exploring the Tilemall tile blog where we post new and informative articles several times a month. We hope to see you in the next one!