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What Tiles Are Best For a Kitchen Splashback?

Tilemall Pty Ltd |

The idea of the kitchen as the centrepiece of a home is by no means a new one. It’s a place we use every day, a place where we eat, talk with loved ones, and create delicious and delightful things. Naturally, this has meant that kitchen design and picking the right kitchen tiles are very high on the list of important renovation ideas to consider for many people.

Choosing the right kitchen tiles can be a little tricky, however, as kitchens often require a lot of variety and specificity to get just right. This goes doubly so for flourishes and additions outside of the usual floor and wall varieties. Today, we’re going to take a look at some ideas for picking the ideal kitchen splashback tiles and help you create the perfect focal point for your entire kitchen design.

What is the Purpose of a Kitchen Splashback?

Beyond aesthetics, a kitchen splashback serves a very particular purpose. Therefore, to determine the right splashback tiles for a job, we first need to keep in mind the elements that will be required for a splashback to work effectively. In short, a kitchen splashback acts as a barrier between your kitchen wall and your cooking, cleaning, and preparation. It protects the wall from grease and other substances that may arise from the day-to-day use of your kitchen space, making for a far easier cleanup if and when these substances build up.

As you can imagine, this makes tiles a preferred option for creating a formidable kitchen splashback. With that said, however, not all tiles are necessarily going to be suited to the job. Any tiles used for a kitchen splashback must be easy to clean and difficult to stain whilst also being resistant to repeated contact with moisture and grease.

So, with that out of the way, let’s take a look at a few options that really shine when making your dream splashback.

Limestone Mosaic Tiles

Want to add a little dash of texture to your kitchen space? Well, a limestone mosaic tile might be the perfect solution for you. With limestone being quite a durable material, it’s perfectly suited to the kitchen for a variety of uses. Plus, a mosaic tile is an easy way to switch things up stylistically, making for a kitchen splashback that is as ornate as it is practical.

Modern Monochrome Tile Designs

Even in the age of minimalist design, detailed monochromatic tiles have maintained their standing as a hugely popular choice in modern kitchens. They offer a distinct air of style and class whilst also directing the eye of those who enter the kitchen, acting as both a focal point and a feature piece. If you’re ever worried about your kitchen being a tad bland, monochrome patterned designs are a tasteful, elegant solution.

Terrazzo Tiles

Whilst simple, clean designs are always a big trend in kitchens; your splashback is an excellent opportunity to bring a little colour and variety to your culinary corner. In this regard, a matte terrazzo backsplash tile can bring a world of unique style to your kitchen. With a range of colours, textures, and finishes, terrazzo tiles are one style of tile that still feels truly artisanal. So, for those that love their colour and want to spice up their kitchen a little, it’s hard to go wrong with terrazzo tiles.

Kitchen Splashback

Hexagonal Mosaic Marble

Marble is probably going to be a kitchen design staple until the end of time. Its natural patterns are as eye-catching as they are beautiful, and they make for a luxurious interplay between hard and soft lines in a modern kitchen. If that appeals to you, then hexagonal mosaic marble tiles may just be the perfect solution. Paired with the right grout and layout, hexagonal tiles can look like true art and really spice up an overall design.

~ There is an abundance of splashback tile options that you can explore and choose from, but we hope that we’ve given you a little insight into the variety available to you. If you want to learn more about tiles with tips, tricks, and advice, why not explore the Tilemall tile blog? With new posts going up all the time, it’s a fantastic resource for any and all tile needs.