Terrazzo Look Tiles

Terrazzo look tiles are visually like their counterparts but often are made from porcelain, which removes the need for care after installing it, which normal tiles need. These tiles do not require additional sealing and will have resistance against staining, scratching, and marking, which daily interactions would not need for maintenance, making these tiles a top choice for design projects. Terrazzo tiles are indeed expensive compared to ceramic tiles, but the benefits of terrazzo tiles justify the price difference between the two. The printing technology for Terrazzo tiles allows a glaze to be applied before sealing to make the porcelain tile looks identical to Terrazzo tiles.
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This could allow the designer to mimic the terrazzo tiles’ pattern and shape the patterns and design with different styles and ranges of colours. Terrazzo look tiles enable designers to recreate much more quickly and simply and do not require a costly specific installation that suits Terrazzo tiles.

With the advancement of tile manufacturing technology, lookalike products that simulate natural products’ attributes allow versatile alternatives to pricey terrazzo surfaces. In addition, terrazzo look tiles’ does not affect the quality of the item itself but add more sustainable benefits in terms of maintenance and versatility than Terrazzo tiles.

Terrazzo look tile collections have a variety of selections to choose from, which is a perfect option for busy areas. The rich colour range Terrazzo look tiles suit different applications from kitchen tiles to waterproof bathroom tiles, where dirt and stains would be hard to notice with suitable tile finishes. These qualities provided by porcelain terrazzo look tiles creates different tile designs to create an appealing appearance and have the texture of natural products which need constant care and maintenance.
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Showing 1–20 of 63 results

Showing 1–20 of 63 results

Terrazzo Tiles

If you’re looking for floor or wall tiles for your next home improvement or renovation project, consider terrazzo look tiles. Available in a range of gorgeous colours and designs, they look just like real terrazzo — but they are far easier to work with and extremely durable. Whether you want a stylish splashback, sophisticated floor, or vibrant bathroom, terrazzo look tiles are the ideal solution.

What Are Terrazzo Tiles?

People have been making terrazzo tiles and using them on walls, floors and patios for hundreds, or even thousands, of years. Originally, terrazzo was made from a mix of chips, like marble, glass, granite or quartz. These chips were held together with a composite like cement and made into beautiful tiles. However, terrazzo tiles can be very thick and heavy, expensive, and time-consuming to maintain. Terrazzo look tiles are a far better alternative.

Black, White, Blue, Green, and Pink: Terrazzo Tiles in Virtually Any Colour

Here at Tilemall, our terrazzo look tiles are made from porcelain. Porcelain is easy to work with and offers a whole host of other benefits. For example, our terrazzo porcelain tile is available in a wide selection of colours, and it is resistant to staining, scratching, and marking.

Why Is Terrazzo So Popular?

People love using terrazzo tiles in their projects because they can create stunning patterns quickly and easily. Colour choices include pink and green terrazzo tiles, different shades of light and dark grey, and a mix of coloured flecks on a white background.

The Benefits of Terrazzo Look Tiles

  • Cheaper than real terrazzo
  • Does not require additional sealing
  • Thinner and lighter than real terrazzo
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Resistant to staining, scratching and marking
  • Heat- and UV-resistant
  • Water-resistant

Do Terrazzo Look Tiles Look Like Real Terrazzo Tiles?

Yes, our tile manufacturing technology is so advanced, our porcelain terrazzo tiles look just like the real thing. Before we seal our tiles, we apply a glaze that makes them look as good as real terrazzo. In addition, our designers can mimic terrazzo marble tile patterns and create beautiful styles and colours.

How To Maintain Terrazzo Tiles

Real terrazzo marble tiles require a fair bit of maintenance. You will need to seal them every 12 months to prevent staining and water penetration, reduce wear, and keep them in optimum condition. The cleaning method depends on the material and installation method, but as a general guide, you will need to use a neutral cleaner to clean terrazzo tiles so you don’t damage the sealant. You will also need to remove stains with the appropriate products.

Cleaning Terrazzo Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain terrazzo floor tiles are easy to clean and care for. Start by sweeping up and removing loose debris. Then, mop the tiles with a suitable detergent and clean water. A chamois-type mop is best because it will soak up the dirty water before it penetrates the grout lines. If there is any discolouration from stains, treat it with the appropriate stain remover when the floor is clean. Soap residue can cause tiles to look hazy, so remove any residue with a mildly acidic substance like lemon juice. Finally, dry the floor with a clean, lint-free cloth to avoid water spots.

Where Can I Use Terrazzo Tiles?

When it comes to using terrazzo tiles in your home, you can install them in virtually any room, including the kitchen, bathroom, laundry, and even outdoors. Terrazzo look tiles are fully waterproof and serve as the perfect solution for busy areas. As well as bringing any space to life, they help disguise dirt and stains.

Terrazzo look tiles are ideal for:

  • Terrazzo look tiles are waterproof, so you can use them as bathroom tiles, in shower rooms and cloakrooms, for splashbacks, shower stalls, and feature walls.
  • Use terrazzo kitchen tiles for kitchen walls, floors, benchtops, surfaces, splashbacks, table surfaces, feature walls, wall cladding, and staircases.
  • Create your dream floor with terrazzo floor tiles. Choose blue, black, grey, green, pink, white or mixed terrazzo tiles. Your terrazzo floor tiles will be easy to clean and will look fantastic no matter how much wear and tear they undergo.
  • Cement terrazzo is weatherproof, so it’s ideal for use in outdoor paving. Instead of concrete tiles, use outdoor terrazzo tiles in entertaining areas, back yards, barbecue areas and around swimming pools.

What Are the Top Colours of Terrazzo Tiles?

People love the neutrality of beige, grey or white terrazzo tiles because these colours complement any and all decor and furnishings. For something more dramatic, we have black terrazzo look tiles in different shapes and sizes, including mosaic designs. If you love colour, choose pink, green, or blue terrazzo tiles that look like marble, or take a look at our other fantastic colours.


Is Terrazzo More Expensive Than Tile?

Terrazzo tiles are more expensive than ceramic tiles, but the benefits justify the price difference. For example, you won’t need to seal terrazzo look tiles, and they’re thinner, lighter, and easier to work with.

Is Terrazzo Suitable for Bathrooms?

Yes, bathroom terrazzo tiles look great. Porcelain terrazzo look tiles are waterproof and can transform your bathroom or shower cubicle, taking it from mundane to outstanding.

What Is the Difference Between Terrazzo and Mosaic?

The main difference between terrazzo and mosaic lies in the pattern of the tile. With terrazzo, small pieces of aggregate are thrown in and blended in a base, creating a uniform surface appearance. With mosaic tiles, individual pieces of aggregate, like porcelain or marble, are carefully placed in a base to form a decorative pattern.

Does Tilemall Sell Mosaic Tiles?

Yes, our mosaic tiles are available in a variety of shapes and patterns, including chevrons, fans, fish scales, diamond cubes, and so much more. In addition, you can choose from an incredible array of colours and effects. Use mosaic tiles for floors or walls. Since they are durable and rugged, mosaics are the perfect choice for swimming pools and poolside — you’ll love the shimmering effect as the light and water reflect off of the colours.

Is Terrazzo Tile Natural Stone?

Terrazzo tiles can be made with stone and semi-precious stones, among other aggregates. Also, it is possible to buy terrazzo look tiles that mimic the appearance of natural stone. However, terrazzo floor tiles are far easier to look after than natural stone.

Now you know the benefits of terrazzo porcelain tiles, take a look at what Tilemall has available.