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Type of Terrazzo Tiles

Ways of Using Terrazzo Tiles In Your Home

Terrazzo recently took over the interior design world. Terrazzo tiles are featured and most widely seen in Art Deco. Terrazzo is also used on the entire Hollywood Walk of fame and designers could bring the Hollywood feel into their designs.

Terrazzo is a composite stone made by a mix of recycled glass and materials like marble, granite and quartz held together by cement. Terrazzo tiles are available in unlimited colours and come in various types such as terrazzo tiles, monolithic terrazzo, sand cushioned terrazzo and thin-set terrazzo.

Type of Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzo is used on much more than Terrazzo flooring and it is popular in bathrooms, kitchens as an outdoor material and even on specific designs. With its various colors to choose from, Terrazzo is suitable in various designs such as a benchtop in a kitchen or terrazzo tiles in bathrooms. Splashbacks, table surfaces, shower stalls, featured walls, staircases and wall cladding is doable with Terrazzo Tiles. With its heat and UV resistant attribute, it is one of the best choices as an outdoor paving material and a replacement for concrete tiles. Terrazzo tiles are water and heat resistant and is easy to cut, thus making them easy to work with and ideal to use not just as flooring but in different applications especially kitchen benchtops and limitless design ideas could be implemented.

Terrazzo is a popular choice to bring interest into contemporary spaces due to its unique beauty and texture quality. Terrazzo has extended its reach towards kitchen and bathroom flooring; wall tiles or kitchen surfaces are one of the largest trends in home décor. Terrazzo tiles add a modern and marvellous look to infuse chic refinement to your space. From eye-popping hues to natural tones, Terrazzo tiles can be placed differently to achieve a modern monochromatic look to an artistic mosaic design look in the intended area.

terrazzo floor wall tiles

Terrazzo flooring with terrazzo tiles allows the designer to choose from different colour combinations where darker colors would highlight window frames and black tapware while a coloured basin might resonate with the terrazzo tiles. Grey terrazzo tiles create an impressive visual feature in the bathroom where marble and white cabinetry would add an understated elegance contrast to the rest of the space.

Larger format terrazzo tiles paired well with subway tiles on the wall creates a perfect balance between timeless and bold design to reflect the heritage status of the building. In this combo, large format terrazzo tiles add up just the right amount of interest into the area and highlight the subway tiles.

Modern influences altering the look of Terrazzo tiles to have a larger range of colour and size to mix and match not just wall and cabinetry but with metals. The organic look of Terrazzo tiles allows it to have a perfect pattern to pair with gold, silver, or brushed metals. Metals that pull out the natural colours of the Terrazzo tile by highlighting it.

terrazzo bathroom tiles

Bathroom walls lined with terrazzo tiles allows the person to have a luxurious bathing experience while the surface is smooth to touch. The relaxing features of Terrazzo tiles paired with a large shower head would give out a relaxed feel while taking a shower.

As mentioned above, soft pink, white and gold decors incorporated with Terrazzo tiles is one of the most eye-catching colour schemes where Terrazzo tiles work perfectly with golden elements.

Terrazzo splashed TV wall with a bright terrazzo finish suits well in the dining area with a white setting alongside wooden furniture to support the terrazzo wall décor.

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