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Ways to use Patterned Tiles for Your Home

Tilemall Pty Ltd |

Pattern tiles are increasingly popular with contemporary interior designs. Designers adopted this material more as tiles now offer more variations and offer the benefits of ease to clean and install. With patterns fired onto the surface of the tiles instead of hand-painted previously, pattern tiles do not fade that easily and simplify the installation of patterns across a wall.

One of the key use of patterned tiles is for a feature wall. Using feature walls in interior design is a popular technique to stylise a space without making the space too crowded. By using subtle patterns, such as chevron tiles or diamond tiles, feature walls can sit in spaces that are classy but still add character to the space.

Pattern Tile Flower Sea Series 210827 200X200 Matt

The waterproof feature of tiles makes them perfect to be used for exteriors. By using outdoor patterned tiles, outdoor feature walls can further improve the exterior look of a building. Moss also rarely grow on tiles to minimise maintenance of outdoor feature walls that use tiles.

Pattern tiles also work well in small spaces. By using light coloured patterned tiles, light reflects on the tiles to brighten up the space and, in turn, create a roomier feeling. Walls in small rooms can take advantage of large patterns to confuse the spatial awareness of visitors as well.

For small rooms that need to separate different functional spaces, using a patterned wall for one of the spaces can visually segment the different areas. One of the most common examples is to separate the shower from the sink area by using a feature wall section for the wet area.

Pattern Tile Picasso BlooBaby Blue 200×200 Matt

If there is a wall that partly separates two connecting spaces, using patterned tiles on either the extruding wall or the back wall can improve recognition of the extruding wall and prevent accidents in the space as well.

Backsplashes are one of the most common places to use patterned tiles. These walls are usually behind the sink or the stove. Because of their functional difference to other walls, make them one of the best walls to be used as a feature wall, not to mention the waterproof and easy to clean benefits.

Patterned tiles are also quickly becoming a staple in modern-classic remix interiors. Tiles have an intrinsic perception of classic but are revived through modern patterns. To recreate gothic or century interiors with a contemporary twist, patterned tiles are frequently used as the bond between the different historic elements within the same space.

Pattern Tile Picasso Bloom Baby Blue 200×200 Matt

A smart way to use patterned tiles is to create a monochromatic space without using plain coloured walls. By choosing tiles on the greyscale and matching furniture, the space instantly become stylish without much effort. Other than colours on the greyscale, neutral colours are also highly popular for Nordic interior styles.

Another interesting way is to connect the interior and exterior with a patterned wall. As tiles have the benefits to be used for both indoor and outdoor, it is the perfect material to be used for a feature wall that is across spaces.

Tilemall has a range of pattern tiles for different purposes and spaces, including outdoor, bathrooms, and splashbacks. Our tiles have a protective layer over the patterns to minimise fading and losing the pattern over time.