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There are few things that can make a kitchen feel immediately cohesive quite like tiles. Whether you’re looking for kitchen wall tiles, splashback tiles, floor tiles, or just high-quality kitchen tiles in general, Tilemall has everything you need to really bring the best out of your little culinary haven. So, if you’re getting ready for your next renovation project and need a kitchen tile supplier you can trust, explore the Tilemall range below.

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Showing 1–20 of 588 results

Showing 1–20 of 588 results

The kitchen is the beating heart of your home, which is why you need to give it the style, substance, and practical components that will make it last a long time.

The right tiles will not just transform the look of the space, but will instantly bring your kitchen space an extra dimension. Tiles are such an essential aspect of the modern kitchen, which is why we offer a number of kitchen tiles with thoughtful designs and beautiful finishes. 

When we are trying to make your kitchen exude an extra sense of style, ensuring you have the right tiles will do so much for the space. A cost-effective option that is durable and easy to maintain, tiles are such an important part of your kitchen.

How Tiling Creates a Striking Looking Floor

Tiles are great for your kitchen wall, but if you want to immediately see the benefits, kitchen floor tiles instantly create a setting of a stylish kitchen space that works to improve your home in a number of ways: 

  • Kitchen tiles are an effortless way to give the heart of your home a functional and stylish design. 
  • Tile is a health-conscious approach to flooring as they are free from plastics, allergens, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and polyvinyl chloride (PVC).
  • Tile floors in the kitchen space are easy to clean, moisture and heat resistant, durable, long-lasting, and friendly to your budget. 

With different types of tile flooring to choose from, what materials should you pick? Ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, marble mosaic, and glass mosaic tiles all have their unique benefits and will create different looks and levels of density. You can then choose a different finish, such as polished, glazed, glossy, and matte which will add another layer of styles, colours, and textures.

How the Splashback Transforms Your Kitchen

If you’re going to renovate your kitchen, splashbacks are an amazing way to transform your kitchen’s decor while offering a wide variety of advantages:

Personalised Designs

Using kitchen splashbacks means there is a wide range of colours and finishes that can match your existing decor. Kitchen worktops are, understandably, prone to a lot of mess and dirt, which is why a splashback helps you disguise dirt, 

Durable and Low-Maintenance

Having a splashback fit protects your kitchen walls from stains. Many tiles can pose more problems than they solve, such as hard-to-clean gaps. Splashbacks and backsplashes are naturally resistant to water and bacteria, making things easier to clean up, while also maintaining the high-quality aesthetics of your kitchen space. They are also heat resistant and can give you the benefits of being able to cook in your kitchen without causing long-lasting damage. 

A Very Cost-Effective Approach

If you’re looking for kitchen decor that lasts a long time and goes the distance, this is a wonderful way to save you money in comparison to the standard tiles that demand constant regrouting. Tiles are an easy to install method that doesn’t just automatically reinvigorate your kitchen space while making it functional, it can help you avoid any installation and maintenance costs as you may not need to use tile cutters or grouts.

Time Stone Matt Dark Grey

Kitchen Tiles and Their Various Styles 

Kitchen floors and walls need to be functional, but this doesn’t matter if it can’t communicate a certain sense of style! No matter how your kitchen functions, we always want it to look good. At Tilemall, we provide a huge variety of striking and stylish tiles to suit your needs, from Mosaic tiles to Terrazzo tiles, Calacatta to Oslo. 

If you are looking for a pretty tile surface, the terrazzo look is very stylish while also lending that much-needed functionality to your kitchen floor as any mess made by your loved ones won’t show up in the same way as standard materials.

If you are looking for a unique design on your kitchen walls, subway tiles are black tile that creates an eye-catching pattern to ensure a seamless look throughout your kitchen space. You could also pair it with similar colours like grey to create a stylish and striking look that makes your kitchen stand out in the right ways! 

The kitchen is the beating heart of the home, and having the right style is not just going to communicate stellar aesthetics, but it also guarantees that you are living in a home that has style, as well as substance. Whether it’s vibrant splashbacks or a patterned tile that showcases a rustic home, style is everything!

Choosing the Right Colours to Suit Your Temperament

When we talk about tiles, colour is everything because it immediately communicates what your home is about to the guests and, more importantly, will have an indirect impact on your frame of mind. The right colour can easily improve our mood, so it’s vital to pick the right colours that don’t just compliment the aesthetics of our home but is something that will make us feel better about ourselves. 

A floor or walls with the right colours will guarantee that you are creating an individual touch that suits your home and your personality. Many people opt for colours that are crowd-pleasers, such as white or grey, but choosing colours that step beyond the traditional boundaries is an amazing way to make a grand statement. A matt black finish in a hexagonal style is an incredibly striking image on your kitchen walls that work with contrasting colours to help you to exude more style. 

Kitchen Tiles for All Types of Homes

Kitchen tiles provide a variety of functional benefits to the most beloved of spaces in your home. It’s vital to have tiles installed in your kitchen as they can straddle the balance between protecting the essential parts of your kitchen from damage, and can communicate your home’s style, while also showing off the most striking part of the home. Tilemall has so many different styles, colours, tones, and textures available so we can help you to create a kitchen that completely suits your style and gives you the functionality you need for this all-important location.