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Which Colour Tiles Are Best for the Kitchen?

Tilemall Pty Ltd |

Designing a kitchen is no easy feat. It takes a lot of planning, colour coordination, and consideration of other external variables. These colour trends will give you some ideas of what colours work best in what areas of your kitchen. Be it a backsplash, flooring, wall tiles, or the best bet for designing a kitchen that’s primarily white or smaller in size, we have you covered.

Kitchen Backsplash

You can add a focal point to your kitchen backsplash with coloured or patterned wall tiles. Using colours or patterns that are opposite of the rest of the kitchen will make it stand out. In a mostly white or neutral-toned kitchen, you can add a pop of colour to your backsplash.

If you have a colourful kitchen, you can gain more texture with a backsplash composed of an entirely different pattern than its surroundings. While white subway tiles are the standard for kitchen backsplashes, these are ideal for small kitchens. The light colours recede and create the illusion of a bigger space.

Some other great backsplash ideas:

  • Custom mosaic tiles that reflect the colours in the kitchen
  • Muted, neutral colours of natural stone

Kitchen Floor Tiles

Ceramic tiles and wood are the top choices for kitchen floors. When it comes to wood flooring, warmer tones are becoming more popular. Colourful floor tiles have gotten the edge over white-tiled floors, which have gone out of style over the years.

If you're opting for wooden kitchen floors, choose a medium-dark colour that pairs with slightly lighter-toned cabinets. If you’re more interested in tiling your kitchen floor, take into consideration how much you enjoy cleaning.

Dark Colours

If you aren’t thrilled about constantly needing to keep your floors spotless, then white tiles may not be your best bet. Darker coloured tiles mask signs of dirt, which is great for someone with kids or a high traffic kitchen.

A great option is marble effect tiles, which doesn't require meticulous cleaning but prevents your kitchen from appearing too dark and gloomy. Marble effect porcelain tiles are a much cheaper alternative to genuine marble.

Light Colours

While it’s true that solid white kitchen floor tiles make the smallest signs of dirt extremely apparent, this could be something that you want. A disadvantage of dark coloured tiles is that you can’t tell where stains are or where dirt has collected.

Since you can spot dirt so easily with a white tile, you can do more spot cleaning rather than having to mop the entire kitchen floor. Lighter colours like white or cream are also incredibly complementary in kitchens with natural wood cabinets.

The light hues of these tiles create the illusion of more space in your kitchen which is great if you have a smaller kitchen. If you don’t have a high traffic kitchen with tons of kids running around making messes, then this might be a better choice for you.


These kitchen trends inspired something in your interior design spirit. Kitchen tiles are so versatile, which offers you a chance to make your kitchen truly unique.

Don’t settle for an ordinary kitchen that looks like everyone else’s, get creative! The possibilities are limitless and so is your imagination. Visit our website to browse through our selection of kitchen tiles, where you can sort by colour, material, finishing, and size.