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How Do I Choose a Tile for My Living Room?

Tilemall Pty Ltd |

Brown, beige, grey, and amber hues are the most preferred colours for use in living rooms. Most people don't opt for bold and colourful living rooms so if you're searching for a timeless and classy aesthetic, then gentle and mild colours are ideal.

There’s of course no reason you can’t have a riot of colour in your living room, but you’ll want to explore tile options that won't be too disjointed from that colour scheme. With colour schemes out of the way, it’s time to discuss tile material.

Wood Floors

Choosing tiles for your living room is all about selecting durable, scratch-resistant materials that look fantastic and complement the colour scheme and decor. Living room floor tiles, when properly done, can add a lot of aesthetic value to your home.

Hardwood floors are highly desirable in living rooms because they’re beautiful and bring natural warmth to living rooms. Hardwood floors enhance the appearance and value of your home, so it's no wonder they're such a popular choice.

Unfortunately, hardwood floors are incredibly expensive. Luckily, wood-look tile is identical in appearance but much more cost-effective, because it’s made out of porcelain tiles.

Natural Stone

Natural stone tiles are elegant and hard-wearing. If you want something truly classic, then marble is the classiest option. While wooden floors have become a living room staple, it's easy to overdo it with the hardwood in your house. If you already have wood or wood look tile in other rooms, you should switch it up for the living room tile.

Marble comes in a wide range of tile colours, is extremely durable, and versatile. The biggest advantage of having marble floors is how they reflect light. Make your living room seem brighter, more spacious, and timeless.

Porcelain Tiles

Marble encounters the same problem as hardwood floors: the steep price tag. Marble look tiles, made out of porcelain, achieve the same visual elegance out of cheaper materials. You won’t be sacrificing floor durability or strength, so your tile floor will last for a long time.

A porcelain floor is stain-resistant and requires almost no maintenance. This is because porcelain tiles are glazed or pre-sealed and have low porosity. Porcelain is harder than natural stone and ceramic tiles, which ensures that it maintains its original look for the long term.

Mosaic Tiles

Sick of boring neutral-toned living rooms? Have an explosion of colour with mosaic tiles. They offer pops of artistry in the form of colour, texture, and patterns. Be careful not to overdo it. If you're going to have busy mosaic tiles, it's best for the rest of the living room to be simple.


The living room deserves careful consideration in home design because it's one of the most commonly used living spaces inside the house. It’s where people congregate together, so you want to create a space that’s inviting.

Browse through our selection of living room tiles and contact us if you would like any samples. We provide our customers with up to 5 free tile samples, all you have to pay for is a small shipping fee.