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What is the Best Way to Lay a Subway Tile? | Tilemall Australia

What is the Best Way to Lay a Subway Tile?

Subway tiles are a timeless style and perfect for homeowners seeking a classic federation or colonial look. Despite their history as a traditional tile, they’ve come a long way in terms of variety. There almost isn’t anything you can’t do to make your subway tiles stand out and put your flair on them.

For many homeowners, that classic spotless white subway tile is the perfect look. Thanks to all the amazing colours, textures, and shapes there are to choose from, however, you may be looking to experiment. There are so many ways to lay your subway tiles. We’re giving you the lowdown on the best ways to lay your subway tiles.

Classic Bond Pattern

Laying your subway tiles in a brick formation is the most classic interior design method. Before all of the innovation in laying subway tile took place, this was how it started. Those who want to create a feeling of nostalgia in their home may opt for this timeless design. This style pairs well with:

  • Geometric shapes, especially hexagon patterns
  • Pops of color
  • A statement wall

90 Degrees Classic

This is a more modern take on the classic stacked subway tile walls. The tile is just rotated 90 degrees, which makes rooms appear larger.

Herringbone Pattern

The classic herringbone pattern is very trendy right now. The tiles are laid diagonally, facing in different directions. This is a stunning design, which is very popular for kitchen tile splashbacks.

Step Ladder

This involves taking the classic herringbone pattern and tilting it 90 degrees. Some of the tiles will be standing vertically, while others are sitting horizontally. This funky pattern works best in tall spaces, such as showers. It’s effective at drawing people in and is visually interesting without overwhelming people.

Horizontal Stacked

This is when the tiles are stacked on top of each other horizontally, in a straight pattern. None of the tiles are offset and it is one of the easiest subway tile treatments to install! This works best in:

  • Coastal, 70s, and mid-century style bathrooms
  • Transitional and modern designs
  • Kitchen backsplashes designed to allow other fixings to stand out

Vertically Stacked

This is the vertical counterpart to the horizontal stacked bond design. Tiles are stacked right on top of each other in straight lines. These fill wall space between countertops and expansive kitchen windows beautifully. 

Subway tiles remain an Australian favourite, being that they’re stylish and not too complicated to install. Whether you lean towards tiles that are off-set, stacked, or bond style, there’s a lot of room for creativity. How you lay your subway tiles can give the room so much more added personality. 

Let us know which of these subway tile styles you love the most and the Tilemall team will send up to 5 cut samples to your home at no cost – all we ask is that you cover a modest $15 shipping fee.

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