If you are looking to reinvent a wall or give your floor more striking features, choosing the right tiles in the right size will create a colourful and stylish display in your bathroom, living room, garden, or kitchen. 

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Showing 1–20 of 616 results

Showing 1–20 of 616 results

Showing 1–20 of 616 results

200×200 Tiles

A diverse type of tile, 200×200 tiles are great for many rooms around the home. From walls to floors, they cover a number of spaces effortlessly. They are incredibly popular on bathroom and laundry floors due to their versatility. But, combined with a number of different styles and patterns, they can reinvigorate any functional space.

300×300 Tiles

A tile commonly seen in bathrooms because they are the ideal size for drainage and water movement, the 300×300 tiles is the preferred size of terracotta and traditional ceramic tiles, making them extremely aesthetically pleasing. Very useful for outdoor settings with swimming pools, but are an ideal addition to any contemporary home.

600×300 Tiles

Easy to handle and incredibly diverse, the 600×300 tiles is a rectangular shape that can be laid in a number of different patterns. You can use them to create a modular style or stagger them to create something incredibly unique. Coming in a wide variety of different finishings and materials, they are an amazing addition to any interior or exterior setup.

600×600 Tiles

The 600×600 tiles is a medium-sized tile that works throughout the entire home. The size improves the design because of the fewer grout lines in comparison to smaller tiles, making for a more streamlined look. Coming in a wide variety of materials, such as concrete and stone, there are many ways to bring out the vibrancy of your home with this tile.

1200×600 Tiles

Classed as “large format” tiles, the 1200×600 tiles are larger tiles that may require more specialist support but as the size provides fluid grout lines it is worth the extra effort and makes for an illusion of larger space in the desired location. Coming in a wide variety of textures, including marble and modern, it is a bold design that works wonders in interior and exterior settings.

Small Tiles

A practical addition in any home, small tiles can range between  4.8 x 4.8 cm to 30 x 30 cm in both rectangular and square. Very striking in large rooms with multiple combinations of design creating distinct patterns, it is an amazing way to reinvigorate any space with a number of geometric patterns or can upgrade a bathroom, wet room, or kitchen with minimal effort.

Large Tiles

Our large tiles go from 600 x 600 up to 1200 x 2780 and come in a wide variety of finishes to ensure that whether it’s your kitchen, bathroom, or outdoor area, they can benefit from the variety of styles available. Larger tiles will always give an impression of space because of the reduced number of joints making for better surface continuity and is an amazing addition to a wide variety of projects like kitchen floors.