Green Tiles

Green tiles are a beautiful option for kitchens and bathrooms alike, with a considerable amount of versatility and range within. From the regal elegance of emerald green tiles to the simple soft mints of our green antique porcelain varieties, Tilemall’s green tile selection is as beautiful as it is multifaceted. To learn more about Tilemall’s stunning range of pale green, mint green, emerald green tiles and more, explore our range below.

Showing 1–20 of 34 results

Showing 1–20 of 34 results

Showing 1–20 of 34 results

Are you looking to switch up your bathroom aesthetic? Want to bring a little extra colour to your kitchen? Look no further than Tilemall’s expansive green tile range, offering a wide array of mosaic tiles, subway tiles, kit kat tiles, and more, all in a beautiful array of shades to suit practically any style preference. Whether you’re wanting a completely green bathroom or just want to create some tasteful accents for your walls, Tilemall’s green tile range is sure to have something you’ll absolutely love.

What Makes Green Tiles So Special?

From the perspective of colour psychology, when used in interior design, green is known for its calming effect, creating a secure, serene atmosphere that relaxes the mind. For many, this is the exact feeling they’re looking to evoke in their bathroom spaces; a clean, comfortable space to take baths, get ready for bed, and start our morning routines. So, if you’re hoping to turn your bathroom or kitchen into a serene, calming sanctuary, green bathroom tiles and green kitchen tiles are an excellent start.

What Colours Pair With Avocado Green Tiles?

Like most greens, shades like avocado green are natural tones. Therefore, if you’re looking to pair them with other colours for a cohesive look, it’s best to stick with other neutral tones to avoid clashings, such as greys and browns. That said, pairing natural tones is not a firm rule, and there are some more vibrant colours that will pair fantastically with the softer green, such as pinks, blues and yellows.

What Colour of Grout Should I Use For Green Tiles?

With a colour like green, especially if you’re using a more subdued green tile, you’ll want to choose a grout that isn’t going to overpower them. Bright whites can clash, and colours that are too dark can make the walls appear murky in some cases. So, if you’re wondering what colour of grout you should pair with a green tile, the safest bet will be a grey or warm white.