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Otti Australia: A Luxe Look At the Modern Bathroom

Have you ever noticed the ways in which kitchen and bathroom design trends tend to exist slightly outside of those that often encapsulate the rest of a home? The ways that modern bathrooms still find their way into more traditional home styling trends could be thought of as a way to see where our priorities lay. Bathrooms and kitchens have an emphasis on cleanliness and relative minimalism that is often less directly stressed in other rooms and spaces, which has shaped the way that furnishings for these spaces are designed.

This is where Otti Australia come into the picture. As one of Australia’s leading bathroomware designers and manufacturers, Otti has seen a massive boom over the past few years with their smooth, minimalist, often naturalistic take on the traditional bathroomware aesthetic. Today, we’re going to take a closer look at Otti Australia’s designs, and what has made them stand out in the larger market of bathroomware, vanities, mirrors, and more.

What is Modern Bathroom Design?

If we’re going to talk about Otti Australia, we first need to understand the world of bathroom design from which they developed. After all, whilst you likely have a strong idea in your mind of what “modern bathroom design” entails, the term itself can appear rather vague. The idea of a modern bathroom is dependent on the time period in which it is referring to, and yet the term has come to be associated with a very particular aesthetic palette from which it rarely deviates.

Modern bathroom design is sleek, stylish, and bold, often eschewing complex or overly garish flourishes for geometric shapes and boldly understated single-colour finishes over earthier textures. It is from this design discipline that you can get such things as stone-finish baths and the clean lines that appear to scream good taste in the visual language of lavatory luxuriousness.

What Makes Otti Australia Stand Out?Otti Byron Black Oak Ceramic Top Double Basin Vanity

As with any design trend, exploring modern bathrooms can often feel like you’re seeing similar fittings time and time again. No matter how luxurious a bathroom may be, it can lose a little of its lustre once you’ve seen that identical bathroom paraded through several different homes. This is where Otti Australia really shines, offering an alternative to the standard modern bathroom inclusions without stepping out of the comfortable style that has come to uniquely identify them.

Take the Bondi White Oak Double Basin Vanity, for example. This excellent statement piece of a bathroom vanity plays with soft curves and hard lines, creating a finished product that is as seamless as it is uniquely textured. The Byron Natural Oak Ceramic Top Double Basin Vanity, to compare, does away with the linework of the prior piece and replaces it with high-quality plywood. Whilst it could fit seamlessly into any modern bathroom, this double basin vanity evokes an almost rustic artistic sentiment, offering a natural, homely softness to the modern edge of its overall aesthetic.

The Virtues of the Vanity

Otti Byron Natural Oak Ceramic Top Double Basin Vanity

Although Otti Australia is known for many things, its vanity and mirror collection are where its design principles truly shine. Vanities are, after all, true statement pieces within a bathroom. They draw the eye, and often frame the room with their very presence, creating a focal point from which all else simply drifts away. Coupled with magnificent tiles or a natural cement finish, a vanity mirror from Otti can be the secret sauce that brings out the flavour of your overall design.

Whether it be an asymmetrical design as seen with the Marlo Ceramic Top Single Basin Vanity or the ever-space economic Bondi White Oak Single Basin Vanity, your choice in vanity will make a statement about your creative intentions. So, when it comes time to picking one, you will want to ensure that it’s one that you truly agree with.



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