Hexagon Tiles

Hexagon tiles are one of our most popular picks when it comes to tile shapes. Our hexagon tiles collections are carefully selected so that we have a large variety of floors, walls and external tiles for you to create from.

Showing 1–20 of 23 results

Showing 1–20 of 23 results

Showing 1–20 of 23 results

Hexagon tiles are a rather unique but beautiful choice for tiling a variety of rooms. They’re commonly used for flooring and walls in kitchens and bathrooms, but our diverse selection can be used in almost any location that you see fit.

Where can you use hexagon tiles?

Hexagon tiles, sometimes known as honeycomb tiles, have some fantastic uses around the home. Here are a couple of examples that we’re confident you’ll love:

Hexagon splashback tiles

Looking for a replacement for your kitchen splashback tiles? Hexagon tiles can create a unique pattern that blends the walls of your kitchen with the splashback itself. With many unique designs to pick from, it can help create visual interest in your home while also protecting your walls and making them easy to clean.

Hexagon bathroom floor tiles

Another great place to use hexagon tiles is in the bathroom as a replacement for regular tiles. Hexagon patterns can look very pleasing and with our huge selection, you’re sure to find something that matches the look or style that you wish to create. Hexagon bathroom tiles come in many different shapes and sizes, and they’re just as easy to fit into your room as regular tiles.

Hexagon mosaic tiles 

You can also create some unique patterns by using smaller hexagon mosaic tiles. For instance, you can try contrasting backsplash tiles to create unique borders, create shapes, or even use the smaller tiles to write words. This gives you a lot of unique options to tile different colours like white, black, grey, and pink. It adds more personality to your rooms and gives you more options for customization. 

Hexagon floor tiles

When it comes to floor tiles, you don’t have to restrict them to just your bathroom! While there are many people who like using tiled floors in their bathroom, our hexagon tiles look just as amazing in other rooms. We offer a huge range of hexagon tiles that are perfect for use in regular rooms. You could try mosaic floor tiles to mark certain areas in your room or even to create transitional areas that slowly fade to wooden mosaic tiles or other flooring materials. There are also hexagon tiles that are longer or smaller which can be used to create interesting patterns on your floors.

Hexagon tile colours

You’ll notice that we have a huge collection of hexagon tiles that come in natural colours. This is because we use high-quality marble hexagon tiles and other similar materials that look fantastic no matter how they’re tiled or what room they’re used in. If you’re looking for a shade or hue that can fit your room, then our natural colours are a fantastic option.

However, if you want something more interesting such as mosaic tiles, you can try our coloured varieties. Some of these have natural patterns that come from the material that we use, but there are also many coloured hexagon tiles that you can use for brighter shades or a more playful look.

Hexagon tile maintenance

Some people may think that hexagon tiles are much more difficult to install or maintain. However, the reality is that they’re not much different from regular tiles! There will be a little more work because there are more edges to a hexagon tile, but with the right cleaning products and regular maintenance, you can keep your hexagon tiles looking clean and feeling great.

So whether you’re looking to install a new backsplash using hexagonal tiles or want to replace your bathroom floor with a more unique and personalized pattern, don’t hesitate to try hexagonal tiles. They’re no harder to maintain or install and they’ll give you a lot more flexibility in how you want to design your home.

Why buy from Tile Mall?

Tile Mall offers one of the largest collections of hexagon tiles in the country. We source all of our tiles from trusted manufacturers and offer wholesale prices straight to our customers for bigger savings. Hover, that doesn’t mean we skimp on quality. We make sure to work with reputable sources for our tiles to ensure that the materials are sturdy, the colours are vibrant, and that they’re long-lasting.

When you purchase hexagon tiles from Tile Mall, you’re guaranteed to get a quality product that is backed by our warranty. So whether you’re looking for design ideas or need some additional advice, don’t hesitate to contact us today for more information.