Subway Tiles

Subway Tiles

Timeless Inspiration, Endless Versatility – Sensational Subway Tiles At Tilemall.

Tracing their origin back over more than a century to the underground rail terminal’s of America’s capitals, subway tiles have undeniable heritage that has made them a go-to choice for homeowners seeking a classic federation or colonial look. But the subway tiles story at Tilemall doesn’t end there. Although for many decades subway tiles were associated with gloss white and flat texture, all that is changing now with an enormous range of colours, textures and even shapes to choose from. The subway selection has never been more exciting, right down to the new and creative ways that decorators are finding to lay them. It’s time to get excited about subway tiles – and you’ve come to the right more

For so many homeowners, spotless white is just right – that clean, classic look that has made subway tiles so hugely popular for decades. In kitchens and in fact in any room at all, it’s hard to go past the instant appeal of this look. Here at Tilemall you can browse through an enormous range of classic white subway tiles and if you’re ready to mix it up a bit, we can help with that, too. How? What about white subway tiles in a super slimline shape or smaller formats? Lay them horizontally, lay them vertically, or go for something really special with an intricate basket weave or herringbone pattern. If you’re ready to take things a step further, take a look at our white subway tiles in a beautiful moulded texture, or perhaps a feather shape that really brings a special highlight to areas such as splashbacks.

Subway tiles may be a classic, but exciting new developments in colour, texture and shape here at Tilemall have led to hundreds of homeowners, renovators and decorators embracing the look in contemporary homes. What’s the secret? Well of course there are no rules, but the way colours are matched and contrasted can be a big part of achieving a distinctive look, along with smart moves like pairing Tilemall subway tiles with a more modern style in floor tiles.

There’s no need for you to ever be limited by colour when you choose your quality subway tiles at Tilemall. Mix and match classic white with bold gloss black, warm grey, or perhaps go for delicious pastels in pink, blue or green. Moulded textures can add yet another layer to the subway tile adventure. To see these special tiles laid in intricate and interesting ways is to open up your mind to just what can be achieved with some smart choices and a little help from Tilemall.

At Tilemall we’re all about making selecting and comparing as easy as it possibly could be, so when you’re ready to get started with your subway tile choices, let’s get them right in front of you to help you choose. Just let us know which are the subway looks you love most, and the Tilemall team will send up to 5 cut samples to your home at no cost – all we ask is that you cover a modest $15 shipping fee. See the tiles you love, feel them; hold them up to those areas in your home where you know they’ll look amazing. Get beautiful subway tile samples to look at right where you live, to help make you certain of your selection.

With your selection made, remember that Tilemall also has tools and materials to help make the final finish easy if DIY is your thing. For inspiration, easy subway tile selection and everything else in tiles, nobody does it quite as well as less

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