Grey Bathroom Tiles

The beauty of grey is that it is not an overpowering colour; rather, it is a cool neutral that serves as the perfect backdrop for your home concept.

Grey tiles can also be the focal point of a room, ranging from relaxing and soothing to brooding and Gothic.

This means that grey floor and wall tiles can be utilised in any room of your house where you want to add some flair. It doesn’t matter if it’s the bathroom, the bedroom, or the living room.

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Showing 1–25 of 97 results

Showing 1–25 of 97 results

What Effect Do The Various Grey Tones Have?

A dramatic effect can be achieved by using a darker grey floor or wall tile. This colour may be easily accented with vibrant, colourful furniture pieces to create a splash of colour, or it can be dressed up with pale creams and taupes such as stone look tiles

Dark grey can have a calming effect in a room. This makes it ideal for creating a calm and attractive environment, such as a bedroom. For a sleek and luxury look, use dark grey tiles like Marble Look Tiles on the floor.

While bathing, consider dark and dramatic in the bathroom. A cool, modern colour scheme is created when a deep grey is coupled with appropriate lighting, metallic elements, and brightly coloured furniture.

Tilemall Big Terrazzo Dark Grey

What Colour Goes With Grey Tiles In The Bathroom?

If you’re wondering what colour work with a grey bathroom, the great news is that there are tons of alternatives.

As grey is a neutral shade, you may mix it with other neutrals, white Bathroom Titles are often a popular choice for pairing with grey. You could go bolder if you like-  the possibilities are unlimited. Navy, green, pink, yellow or just a few mixed Subway Tiles will always match nicely with grey. 

Use Colour Clash For Added Depth

The most popular of modern neutrals, gentle grey, is a fashionable choice for many types of decor.

Grey is a versatile and easy-to-work-with colour that ranges from cold, light shades to warm, darker colours with depth and drama. It allows you to design rooms that reflect your personality and taste.

Layering in highlights and attractive accents that enhance the entire scheme and make the place your own is one of the best ways to add originality.

Be Dramatic With Dark Grey Tiles

If you’re only going to tile one wall, choose a grey that is on the darker side of the spectrum. It will add a touch of drama to the room. Starting with one wall also allows you to gauge your true feelings about colour.

Dark grey titles are one of the simplest to live without of all the grey tints. It looks great in both natural and artificial light, and most colours pop against the dark charcoal grey.

Grey Marble Paired With Classic Black

Marble is a beautiful way to integrate grey into a bathroom in a sophisticated and luxurious way.

The colour grey is a quick and easy way to achieve refinement; thus, pair it with delicately veined marble to add even more ethereal charm. A stylish black bath with aged brass taps serves as the focal point of the room, reinforcing the classic design.

Porcelain Mosaic Fish Scale 73×73 Glossy Light Grey

Added Style With A Grey Backsplash

A bathroom backsplash protects your walls while also adding flair. Whether it’s traditional subway tiling, rustic wood planks, or patterned wallpaper, there’s something for everyone. A few ideas could include: 

Modern Grey Subway Tile Backsplash

Give a traditional subway tile bathroom backsplash a modern makeover. Try putting the rectangular tiles in a novel pattern, such as a grey herringbone or vertical arrangement, instead of the traditional running bond layout. Subway tiles are typically stacked vertically and contrasted with dark grout for a contemporary effect. 

Bold Grey Prints

For a bold bathroom backsplash, choose a graphic tile design. A dramatic focal point all along the vanity wall can be created by patterned grey-and-white tiles that go to the ceiling. You could use a mix-and-match style to add texture and dimension. 

Backsplash With Oversized Tiles

For a clean, uncomplicated bathroom backsplash, cover the wall behind your vanity with large tiles. Against a dark wood vanity, a clean white backsplash composed of large-scale ceramic tile glows. The sleek symmetrical design that repeats on the slate floor beneath is completed with clean white grout.

What Is The Best Way To Style A Grey Bathroom Tile?

You can decorate a grey bathroom in the same way that you would decorate any other colour. Make sure to incorporate a variety of beautiful natural elements to give the space additional depth and cosiness.

Also, keep in mind that light greys are ideal for generating a tranquil ambience, whereas darker greys lend themselves to a more industrial and metropolitan air.