Pool Tiles

Pools and mosaic tiles are a common combination. The small and square tiles work well aesthetically and functionally in a pool. The grouts between the tiles help to increase traction when walking barefoot on the wet surface.

Mosaic tiles for swimming pools are mostly bright and blue to reflect light away from the pool and reduce heat absorption for a cooler pool. Light coloured mosaic tiles also help with safety to spot anything in the pool in dark. Read more

While pool mosaic tiles are mostly light coloured, it does not mean you cannot play around with the colours of pool mosaic tiles. Other than different shades of white and blue, you can choose tiles with a pearl effect so it reflects the white sunlight into a rainbow of colours. Some mosaic tiles also feature subtle colour-matched patterns that add more character to your pool and look great under and above water.

Mosaic tiles are easy to maintain compared to other surfaces for swimming pools. For a long period of maintenance, pool mosaic tiles are an affordable and sensible choice for pools. Also, mosaic tiles are resistant to corrosion by saltwater, chlorine, algae and other common chemicals used for maintaining and cleaning pools, not to mention the impervious nature of tiles to minimise water absorption.

Our mosaic tiles come in sheets. Therefore, unlike hand-laid mosaic tiles, the pool mosaic tiles are flat, smooth and feel amazing for the feet. The mosaic tiles may come in 25x25cm, 36x36cm and 50x50cm sheets.

Tilemall has a range of mosaic tiles for every interior and exterior space. If you are unsure which mosaic tiles to choose, our team provides a free design consultation service to help you find the right tile. Read less

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