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Terrazzo Wall and Floor Tiles in Sydney Restaurant

What is Terrazzo Look Tiles and Why You Need It?

Terrazzo tiles are one of the most considered options with its unique combination of stones in a tile. The stones featured in terrazzo tiles may be marble, quartz or granite to contrast with a mono-coloured base for the additional elements to stand out.

The history of terrazzo began in ancient Egypt, when graphical patterns were created with mixing stones in tiles or mosaic tiles [link to mosaic tiles]. While mosaics usually feature a regular pattern, terrazzo are mostly irregular due to the shapes and sizes of stones embedded within the tile.

Type of Terrazzo Tiles

What is terrazzo look tiles?

While real terrazzo tiles feature actual stone chips within the tiles, it comes with a few disadvantages because of the additional elements. The manufacturing process of real terrazzo tiles are complicated, leading to a heightened cost. Additional materials are also required to hold the chips together, adding to its thickness. Not to mention the microscopic gaps between the bonding materials and stone chips that make real terrazzo tiles not fully water proof.

Terrazzo look tiles are therefore developed to solve the shortcomings of real terrazzo tiles. By appling a terrazzo pattern over tiles, terrazzo look tiles feature on-par aesthetics as real terrazzo tiles albeit without the cost, thickness and water proofing capability. Improvement in technology meant terrazzo look tiles look as great as real terrazzo tiles.


Why you need terrazzo look tiles?

Terrazzo are quickly becoming a trend in interior design, that matches especially well with scandinavian interiors. Designers have created new designs to update terrazzo tiles to the modern standard.

Terrazzo look tiles feature a range of different colours and patterns. To maximise the visual estate of a space, white or cool coloured terrazzo tiles are perfect for small spaces. For a modern and dark interior, black colour-based design with grey stone chips are great for feature walls.

The installation of terrazzo look tiles are easier to manage that real terrazzo tiles because of the reduced thickness and weight. For buildings with weight limits, terrazzo looking tiles allow you to enjoy the amazing look of terrazzo but not wrecking the building.

If you want to use terrazzo tiles in the bathroom, terrazzo look tiles are your only option as this tile is fully water proof.

Color Terrazzo 600x600 Satin White

Choosing terrazzo tiles for your next project

Terrazzo Colour Mix Matt Tiles

The terrazzo colour mix matt tiles feature grey, blue and beige chips on white concrete. This popular tile is one of the most iconic terrazzo patterns that features playfulness under its plain character.

The matt finish on this tile maximises the spatial perception of a space without reflecting light, which makes this tile suitable for walls that face direct light.

Classic Terrazzo Style Tile

Terrazzo White Matt Tiles

This terrazzo white tile with matt finish features tiny grey chips that works for both wall and floor. The minimalist grey chips meant the tile look less creative but more suitable for clean interior designs.

Big Terrazzo Light Grey Matt Tiles

The big terrazzo light grey tile looks similar to marble stone but features the benefits of tiles – easy to clean, water proof, light weight and affordable.

Terrazzo Wall and Floor Tiles by Tilemall

Colour Terrazzo Satin Grey Tiles

The colour terrazzo satin grey tile has a packed, coloured terrazzo pattern that works well with big spaces. The three different sizes of this tile – 1200x600mm, 600x300mm and 600x600mm – help to reduce the effort needed to cover big and small spaces but also create unique tile laying patterns.

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