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What Floor Tiles Are In Style? | Tilemall Australia

What Floor Tiles Are In Style?

Interior design is such a great avenue for personal expression. You can exercise your creativity and impart a bit of yourself into your home. When it comes to choosing your flooring, there are so many different options and variables to consider. 

While large format porcelain tiles and subway tiles are incredibly popular choices in bathroom design, you have to consider how they’ll complement your wall tiles. This is a guide on the most in-style floor tiles in 2021 and how you can incorporate them into your home.

Floor Tiles

  • Large Format Porcelain Tiles: Large format tiles are the go-to for small bathrooms that want to create the illusion of additional space. They offer a spacious atmosphere and are available in many different designs.

Large-format tiles are also useful for blending your indoor and outdoor living areas with one continuous flooring tile. Homeowners are opting to create one continuous living space through this technique.

  • Natural Stone Tiles: Natural stone is a timeless classic. It’s stood the test of time and is perfect for homes that are going for an aesthetic that is more in touch with nature. Just like wood-look tiles, there are also porcelain marble-look tiles on the market. These tiles are made out of porcelain materials but offer the illusion of genuine marble. 
  • Wood-look Tile: Why shell out the big bucks for the real thing when you can purchase a lookalike that’s indistinguishable from the real thing for much cheaper? Manufacturers have perfected wood flooring imitation tiles and textures. Popular textures in 2021 include wire-brushed, hand-scraped, and distressed wood-look tiles.

The different textures range from subtle to much more worn, in appearance. Depending on your preference, you may opt for the more intentional wire scratches or the aged antique aesthetic. More people are opting to ditch the old rug in the living room and install hardwood or wood-look tiles.

Tile Designs

  • Subway Tiles: Say hello to the resurgence of subway tiles. These are extremely popular in bathrooms and kitchens. These tiles are timeless and are incredibly complementary and customizable as bathroom tiles.

You can lay subway tiles in at least 10 different ways. This offers you versatility and the ability to modernize this classic tile for your bathroom flooring.

  • Moroccan Mosaic Tiles: Moroccan mosaic tiles are a sight to behold. Their stunning colours and intricate symmetrical patterns are much more unique than more traditional tiles. They’re a great way to exercise creativity in your living space, especially when implemented into shower walls.
  • Geometric Shapes: While geometric shapes, in general, are a huge tile trend right now, hexagons, in particular, are having their moment in the spotlight. For a more contemporary style, you can combine these with marble tiles. Hexagon shapes work universally among different tiles and all over the house.

When it comes to choosing your flooring tile material, texture, or pattern, first consider your home’s theme or at least the theme of the room you’re remodelling. While some of these trends sound gorgeous on paper, your decor, surrounding walls, and the overall theme must be complementary. 

We understand the importance of real-life comparison, which is why at Tilemall, we offer you five free cut sample tiles before making a purchase. Explore the endless options of floor design and find what works best for your home with our selection of floor tiles.

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