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What are the Latest Trends in Bathroom Tiles? | Tilemall Australia

What are the Latest Trends in Bathroom Tiles?

Over the years, the bathroom tile has been an everlasting function of interior design. Due to its durability, water resistance, low maintenance nature, bathroom tile is here to stay. The latest trends in the bathroom wall and floor tiles will inspire you to be creative, whether you’re remodeling or designing a new bathroom.

Matte Finishes

Matte finish has quickly risen to the top of bathroom trends in 2021. Wall and floor tiles with matte fish will give your bathroom a sophisticated, classy look. Glossy-looking tiles are out of style and can make your bathroom look tacky.

Matte finish is perfect for the floor or walls of your bathroom. Consistent matte tiling across the whole room will present your bathroom with an elegance that mismatched tile just could not achieve. A clean black matte bathroom floor and wall will look expensive and the last thing you want your bathroom to look like is cheap!

Patterned & Ceramic Tiles

Geometric patterns, especially hexagonal patterns are making a comeback. Another rising trend is graphic patterns and large tile planks with ceramic tiles. Ceramic tiles were one of the most opted-for tiles in 2020, for both floors and walls. The larger tile planks create the illusion of a bigger bathroom, which is a good choice for those with small bathrooms. Mismatched boho-style patterned tiles are also making a mark.

Neutral Colors

Neutral-coloured tiles are very trendy right now, especially for bathroom walls. Single-toned neutral bathroom wall tiles are very modern and create a calming atmosphere that makes you want to settle in for a bath.

Playing with Grout

Why settle for a boring bathroom wall look, featuring colored tiles and white grout? It’s time to get creative and flip this old idea on its head. Try this new trend of simple white subway tiles, accented by funky grout colors. 


Perhaps the pandemic left the populace longing to become one with nature because natural stone and marble tiles are having their day in the sun. This creates a natural and traditional style, best complemented by floor tiles with a wooden finish.

Living Walls

A more unconventional trend making waves is the phenomenon of living walls. They’re actually not tiles, but compliment the rest of your bathroom tiling excellently. This trend consists of placing a vertical garden behind your sink for a pop of color and extra flare. It’s sure to make your bathroom stand out.

Out With the Old and in With the Wood

That’s right wooden bathroom floors! Well, at least it looks like wood. One of the top trends this year is wood effect flooring. These are tiles that have the appearance of wood but are made of ceramic or porcelain tiles. These tiles come with all the aesthetic appeal of wood but without the risk of damage.

Mixing and Matching Mosaic Tiles

Mixing and matching field tiles with mosaics is an enduring bathroom trend, featuring fewer grout lines. Some new and fun trends that play with mosaics are:

  • Laying tiny metallic mosaics on feature walls
  • Using mosaics to complement glass tiles
  • White marble mosaics
  • Black and white patterned mosaics

Play with color and pattern in your tile design and you’ll be astonished at what a difference it can make. Browse this list to find some inspiration for bathroom tile ideas. Which hot new bathroom tile trend is your favorite? You can find an endless variety of bathroom tiles offered at Tile Mall.

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