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Terrazzo tiles design: A complete guide

There is no denying that terrazzo tiles are the most popular style currently in the market, and it is clear to see why. The drama and unpredictability of these gorgeous tiles have captured the imagination of any renovator with an eye for design. Far from new, terrazzo tiles have had a huge resurgence and home renovators are clamouring to incorporate this eclectic tile style in all home areas. If you are only just hearing about terrazzo tiles or are looking for tips on how to use them in your home, here you will find a complete guide to terrazzo tile design. 

Now, let’s learn more about why these tiles have created such buzz!

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The origin of terrazzo tiles

There is some evidence to suggest the terrazzo tiles can be linked back as far as ancient Egypt, although they are more famously known to be created in Italy. In the 16th century, Italian merchants would use marble and stone offcuts to add to the cement to make the tile or stone slab more attractive to potential customers. While we covet terrazzo today as a decadent and designer tile, it was really only created to incorporate and reuse materials. The exact origin of this beautiful tile is Venice Italy, which is why you can still see terrazzo pavement to this day.

Terrazzo is actually Italian for “terrace”, as in the terrace floors that they were designed for. Both recycling and reusing have become a significant focus of modern society, and it is interesting to consider that the population of Venice were doing this 500 years ago, leaving us with a beautiful and functional result.

What are terrazzo tiles made of?

While terrazzo designs can look so different from one tile to the next, they are all made from two materials, marble chips and cement. These marble chips are either added by hand or mixed within the cement and laid. From there the tile is buffed and polished so that there is a flat surface which creates different colours and marble depth within the design. This unique design means customers can order terrazzo cut to size or in individual tile form. The beauty of the terrazzo tiles is the random designs, either chunky stones or small flecks of marble making no two terrazzo tiles the same.

The cement base of the terrazzo tile makes it an ideal option as an indoor and outdoor floor tile although, in recent years, terrazzo tiles have transformed to become hybrid material tiles. This has made them easier to access and more affordable. Tilemall has curated a range of quality and durable terrazzo tiles, that have been tried and tested in all environments and conditions. 

Terrazzo tile design trends for 2022

Here at Tilemall, we are fortunate to see the many ways our customers use our extensive range of beautiful tiles in unique ways. Terrazzo tiles typically appeal to those looking for bathroom tiles, kitchen tiles and any area that needs a stylish point of difference. Terrazzo tiles can be used as indoor tiles or outdoor tiles, and our collection of different terrazzo styles lends itself to mixed-use.

If there is an area of your home that you were thinking of re-tiling, then terrazzo tiles can really create an impact in an otherwise plain room. Similarly, if you have a room or space in your home with bold colours, then a terrazzo tile with those similar colour ways might also look fantastic. In some recent customer projects, we have seen terrazzo tiles being used as a kitchen splashback, as an outdoor patio floor tile, as a bathroom floor tile, as a feature wall in a living space, and incorporated in a fireplace design. Simply put, you are only limited by your creativity and there are many terrazzo tile design trends out there to get you inspired!

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Terrazzo tiles bathroom design ideas

If you are considering the terrazzo tiles for your bathroom, here are some design ideas to get you started on conceptualising your beautiful new bathroom. Whether you are doing a full renovation of your bathroom or just giving it a refresh, terrazzo tile bathroom trends are a foolproof choice! Before you select the size, colour and style of your terrazzo tiles bathroom design you want to consider the other elements of your bathroom. 

Consider your tapware first – is it chrome, brass, brushed gold or black? If you have chrome then it would look smart to incorporate a terrazzo tile that has similar silver marble tones. Likewise, brushed gold tapware would look fabulous with gold specs. If your terrazzo tile bathroom choice does not have metallic features, then still consider whether you want a cool tone or a warm tone for your terrazzo bathroom tile. Sticking with a warm or cool tone will marry your painted wall colour, tapware, vanity and any other features of your bathroom. Remember, the terrazzo tile is meant to complement space and not consume it.

If your terrazzo bathroom tiles are going to accompany other tires either on the floor or on the wall, order sample terrazzo tiles to hold against that existing bathroom tile. This is going to save any surprises when you come to tile your bathroom and find that the two tiles are not as harmonious as you had originally thought. This is always going to be a valuable step to take, as the last thing you want to do is to order a box of tiles only to find they are not quite right.


terrazzo floor wall tiles

Terrazzo tiles outdoor design ideas

If you would like to tile your outdoor areas, then a terrazzo tile is going to be a beautiful addition to any entertaining area. The intricate and busy design of the terrazzo tile can actually make it an ideal outdoor floor tile as it will hide any scuffs, moisture or other debris we tend to find on our outdoor floors. When you have a beautiful terrazzo floor tile as your canvas, it makes choosing outdoor tables and chairs and other outdoor decors an exciting project. 

As with the bathroom, you might like to select your terrazzo tile design based on your existing features and fixture in your outdoor spaces. Tilemall has curated a selection of outdoor terrazzo tiles that feature a chunky marble design in white and dark grey colourways, which will be beautiful for tiling a large space. When tiling an outdoor space with terrazzo tiles, suddenly you are opening your outdoor spaces up to a wider colour palette, with more opportunities to tie in outdoor decor like plants, table clothes, cushions, lanterns, and blankets. 

Advantages of using terrazzo tiles

While there is undeniable popularity for terrazzo tiles, you might be wondering what the advantages are of using these tiles over other variations. Tilemall’s selection of terrazzo tiles in small-size tiles and larger tiles with all different marble designs make every tile project absolutely unique. This puts the control in the hands of the renovator to choose the design look and feel that they choose – small flecks of marble or dramatic, chunky flecks. There is so much range and scope to a tiling project when you choose terrazzo tiles, so don’t be afraid to seek inspiration from Tilemall’s range of terrazzo tiles and incorporate them with different tiles and textures.

Another advantage to using terrazzo tiles is that it can create an impact for a renovator that has a limited budget but still wants to create a designer look and feel. Comparatively, by choosing a plain tile the room in question might need added touches to reach that elevated finished product. A bold terrazzo tile can stand up on its own and be not only a functional floor tile or wall tile, but also a feature in itself. Renovating and refreshing a space can demand a big budget, but when making bold choices, you can do less and transform a space exponentially. 

Not sure whether you are working with too much space or not enough space to tile with terrazzo? Fear not, terrazzo tiles are ideal for large floor areas as well as small areas and will deliver an impact in both scenarios. If you are working with a larger area, then it might be wise to choose a larger, chunkier terrazzo pattern to fill that space. Contrastly, if you are working with a small area you will be able to create an impact with the smaller terrazzo pattern as it will be bold enough in an otherwise neutral surrounding. 

How to lay terrazzo tiles

There are some customers who are hesitant to choose a patterned tile over a plain, block colour tile. The beauty of terrazzo tiles is that you cannot lay them incorrectly, as the beauty lies in the imperfection and imbalance of the marble flecks. It will not be necessary to pre-lay your terrazzo tiles to ensure that colour ways and patterns do not clash, as the result is always going to be random. 

Before placing your order, be sure to measure the area you are tiling so that you can choose the tile size that is going to best fit the area. It is typical that some tiles will need to be cut to adjust to the area, but conceptualise the tile lay with our large and small tiles to see which option is going to look more seamless. 

Terrazzo tiles may look intricate, but they can be laid like any other tile. Use a quality tile adhesive to secure your terrazzo tiles in place, remembering that wall tiles may require something more heavy-duty than a floor tile. When your tiles are in place, you can commence grouting. Grouting is not only in the standard white that it once was, and you can actually choose from many different colours to get the desired look. You may choose to draw on the dominant colours in the terrazzo tile, or you may prefer to use the colour that best represents the marble flecks. If possible, lay your tile in the area in question and hold a grout sample next to the tile so you can see how it looks. 

Color Terrazzo 600x600 Satin WhiteConsiderations for working with terrazzo tiles 

The beauty of terrazzo tiles is that they are not one-dimensional, and rather take on a different look from every standpoint. This means that it’s critical that you assess the light in your chosen room so you can understand where the marble shine is going to catch the light and make the greatest impact. Furthermore, you should be looking to tile with terrazzo in spaces that are going to ensure that the tile is visible. For example, in a small dining space with a table and chairs, the terrazzo tiles will look quite busy and may not lift the room like something more neutral. This is why we have seen terrazzo become such a trend in the bathroom and in outdoor spaces, where the floor is not occupied with furniture.


If you are still unsure what kind of terrazzo tile is right for your home, be sure to order a sample tile so that you can see what it will look like in your home. Our sample tile service has been invaluable for customers who are working with many design components and need to see how these elements work together. Explore the range of small and large tiles and unique pattern designs across the white and dark grey colours.

Tilemall is your one-stop tile supplier, with a stunning collection of on-trend tiles to suit any home style. Having supplied Australian homes and businesses with tiles to transform their residential or commercial space, you can shop with confidence knowing that every collection is made from quality durable materials.

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