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Shopping for tiles online is a fantastic way to get access to some of the best tiles the world has to offer, but it can sometimes be difficult to know exactly what you’re getting without seeing it for yourself. That’s why Tilemall offers free tile samples across Australia, allowing you a chance to familiarise yourself with our tiles before making a final decision. Our national tile samples are a fantastic representation of what you’ll be getting with your order. So, if you’re looking for a sample of tiles to try before you buy, Tilemall has you covered.

Free Tile Samples in Australia 

Tilemall encourages all customers to order five free cut sample tiles before making a complete purchase. Each sample tile measures 100mm x 100mm and allows you to get a true and accurate overview of the product and its suitability for installation and use. Please note: some of mosaic tile samples might have smaller sizes.

A limit of five free sample tiles may be ordered per Sample order. Each Sample order attracts a $15 delivery charge, which is credited toward a full order placed online to the value of $99 (ex GST) or greater.

Please note that shade, texture and batch variation are inherent in all tile and natural stone products. Sample tiles may differ from the delivered product and are not refundable or replaceable.

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Get 5 Samples for $15 fully refunded on purchase!

Average sample size 100 x 100 mm