Patterned Floor Tiles

Patterned floor tiles have been popular for several years and are unlikely to fade away anytime soon. There is a design for any home, from those with an antique vibe to contemporary geometric tiles, or modest marble to bold pattern clash.

Many people use the patterned titles in various places in their homes. They are a fun way to add impact, texture, and drama. 

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Showing 1–20 of 29 results

Showing 1–20 of 29 results

How Should You Style Patterned Floor Tiles?

There is no limit to the area of your home you can use patterned tiles

Get Inspired Through The Age Of Your Home

Using components from your home’s aesthetic era to highlight the inherent character you’ve inherited might be a great approach to do so. You can employ a variety of wonderful inexpensive, patterned modern patterns to ground an interior plan to its building without feeling pastiche. Using classic Ceramic Tiles with a herringbone effect can work wonders in an older home. 

Adding Interest With Pattern

Knowing where to add tension is one of the most important aspects of interior design. Patterned floor tiles will do this while also providing depth and intrigue to a design concept. A patterned floor will break up and counterbalance minimalism in new construction residences that can feel boxed before they are decorated. They also work well in very modern kitchens that can feel sterile without anything to designate tension between a number of surfaces. Our Kitchen Tiles offer a range of patterns and styles. 

Patterns To Reflect Your Personality

It’s easy to be seduced by Pinterest’s beautiful patterned patterns. It’s also all too easy to become stymied and overwhelmed by conflicting looks that make making decisions difficult. When saving photographs, think about which components you like, if there’s a pattern, and if the design fits your unique style. It’ll be much easier to identify what works for you once you’ve answered these questions, whether it’s a subtle pattern in marble or neutral tones, or the strong full pattern clash of maximalism. There are many Ways to Use Patterned Tiles for Your Home and flooring to reflect your personality. 

Think About The Tones

Choosing one major colour and one or two accent tones to provide depth to a design is one of the easiest shortcuts to a coherent and elegant look. Choosing a patterned floor tile that matches a major wall colour will make a gorgeous backdrop for your room; if your tile has multiple secondary colours, mirroring these in your space’s furnishings can also be quite effective.

Pattern Tile Moden Black & White 2502 200X200 Matt

Where To Use Patterened Floor Tiles In Your Home

So, where exactly can you use patterned floor tiles in your home? 

Patterned Tiles For The Living Room

Choosing a pattern that you like and can utilise across a number of living rooms, such as from the central corridor into the kitchen or conservatory, would look really chic. Porcelain Tiles are an extremely popular choice for living rooms. 

Patterned Tiles For Your Hallway

The use of geometrically patterned floor tiles can help to create a sense of depth. I frequently advise clients to use a dark tone on their walls in small spaces with little light, such as lower floor toilets, small bathrooms, and narrow hallways, because it can feel infinite. Geometric floor tiles, on the other hand, can add a new dimension of space, almost like a magic eye trick, and can look particularly stunning when matched with dark walls, emphasising a space that may not get much light normally. 

Patterned Tiles For Your Storage Or Utility Room

Who says useful rooms in tiny spaces have to be dull? It can be depressing to have a functional space that lacks charm, but adding some bright or beautifully patterned floor tiles to areas like a storage room or utility will really make the space sing, and you will appreciate spending time in them or viewing them from adjacent spaces considerably more.

Patterned Tiles For Your Bathroom And Kitchen

Continuing your pattern onto walls, making them a central feature and a show-stopper in the decor of a space, may be a highly successful way of using patterned floor tiles in a bathroom or kitchen design. Adding depth to your pattern by varying the hue can be a lovely approach to preserve coherence while adding depth. When looking for the ideal Bathroom Tiles or Kitchen Tiles we at Tile Mall have many great options. 

Emphasis Through Negative Space

Borders were commonly utilised to define the edges of patterned floors throughout the Victorian era. Similarly, you can build a plain border around a patterned region for a more modern style, which will keep the design from being too visually prominent. The use of negative space here will draw attention to the centre of the room, almost like a rug (but easier to clean!) while also allowing you to dabble in a design you adore without feeling overwhelmed.