Outdoor Floor Tiles

Having an outdoor space is essential for our well-being, but whether it’s a garden area, patio, or a space that needs a bit of sprucing up, it deserves a semblance of style. Whether you are soaking up the sun with friends and family, intent on cooking delicious food on the barbecue, or you are looking for an alfresco dining experience unlike any other, outdoor floor tiles are an amazing way to unlock the full potential of your garden’s space. read more

While the kitchen is the beating heart of the home, the garden is, without doubt, second place. While many use traditional outdoor materials like decking or concrete, if you want to add more class to your garden, this is where tiles made from ceramics, porcelain, or mosaic can create an extra dimension to your garden space, making it the envy of anybody that comes to visit while also embodying what makes your home inherently you. read less

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Showing 1–20 of 101 results

Showing 1–20 of 101 results

Choosing the Right Outdoor Tiles

The garden is a space that covers a number of different disciplines. If you have a rustic and colourful garden with plenty of flowers, you need a style that complements it. Wood in a matt grey immediately highlights those rustic and homespun sensibilities. Conversely, if you have a modern garden, using more striking styles and materials such as Terrazzo can uplift a space instantly. 

A great garden should never lack in colour, but if you are aiming to make an aesthetic impact beyond traditional patios, porcelain tiles cover a number of approaches that helps you improve your style, but they can do so much more.

Garden Tiles as a Functional Addition to Your Garden

Outdoor tiles are an amazing addition to your space and tiles don’t just look great, but tiles add a functional component to your garden. Being outside in the sun usually means a lot of materials run the risk of fading over time. When using ceramic materials, the pigments used to colour the tiles means that they should hold up as permanent in the long run. 

The great thing about stylish tiles for outdoor areas is that they can be used in multiple ways and can help in a number of practical ways. For example, if you’re renting a property, you can pick them up and take them with you! 

The Versatility of Outdoor Tiles

From a design perspective, they work in so many different ways. Outdoor tiles lend a wide variety of sensations to an outdoor space. 

Exterior Wall Tiles

Tiles in an outdoor setting work great as flooring but they can also make the walls striking. Exterior wall tiles make your garden space look extra stylish while also being highly durable, and are designed to withstand a whole manner of weather conditions, making them a practical component that will brighten up any outdoor space. You can choose from natural-looking styles to complement your exteriors, or you can opt for colour with decor. Outdoor tiles are an amazing way to ensure that your space looks more vibrant while also giving it the style it needs. 

Mosaic Tiles for Beautiful Botanics

If you are living in a modern garden where everything is maintained beautifully, having a style such as the mosaic floor tiles guarantees a breathtaking space. Mosaic is a very contemporary design and can incorporate natural materials, such as glass and natural stone. Using a mosaic tile can create a very striking contrast between the floor itself and surrounding materials to make a style statement unlike anything else.

Time Stone Matt Dark Grey

Upgrading to a Swimming Pool? There’s a Tile for That!

For those who are looking to upgrade the garden and build a swimming pool, it’s important to create a style that blends with the natural aqua that we associate with the sight of flowing water, and this is where the right bathroom floor tiles can make a massive impact in a garden space. When using bathroom tiles white is a great colour as it reflects the lights, but when you are going outside you can incorporate extra additions, such as grey accents. As it’s your pool, you can be even more unique with different shapes of tiles, such as chevron or hexagon, to create a mosaic that will immediately brighten up this space.

Tiles for Barbecue Season!

Of course, for many people, a garden is the place for parties and barbecues under the blazing sun! And this is where having the right kitchen floor tiles can make a big difference to the overall look and feel of the space. This logical extension to the kitchen in your garden is an amazing way to create a truly rustic sensibility if you have a lot of plants and flowers and want to maintain that feeling of freedom outside. Conversely, if you’re looking for a more contemporary feel to your barbecue station, you can add modern colours that will instantly make for a vibrant and dynamic space that’s perfect for any outdoor gathering. From our cement matt white tiles that immediately lends a natural look to the space through to dark grey tiles in the hugely popular Terrazzo style, or splashback designs that blend in seamlessly, creating a kitchen feel outside has never been easier.

Colours and Styles for Your Frame of Mind

We all know that getting outside is essential for our sense of well-being. We all feel better after a few hours in the sun. And this is why having so many different styles of tile for your outdoor area should complement your frame of mind. It needs to be practical and suitable to your temperament. It’s never been easier to choose a variety of styles that can suit your frame of mind. Rather than opting for traditional colours like white or grey, you could go for something more striking like brown with a matt pewter feel or a more natural feel with a combination of yellow and white to create a truly natural feel.

Whether it’s your garden space or you are looking to create something more vibrant around the exteriors of your property, the number of different outdoor tiles we have on offer at Tilemall can guarantee you are able to get style and substance while also making for an incredibly vibrant exterior design for your property.