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Kitchen Splashback

How to Tile a Kitchen Splashback

Many household projects fall in and out of trend, but how to tile a kitchen splashback is an area that all DIYers are interested in. A kitchen splashback can transform a space, and it can breathe light into a lacklustre space. Today we are going to discuss how to tile a kitchen splashback and all the considerations that come with it. Whether you have your eye on bold green kitchen splashback tiles or looking for subtler kitchen wall tiles – the application process is the same.

Now let’s get into it!

Choosing the right kitchen splashback tiles

Before we get to how to tile a kitchen splashback, let’s review the kinds of kitchen splashback tiles out there. Traditionally, a smaller kitchen wall tile is going to be most appropriate as the larger kitchen tiles may be lost behind the appliances and not have the same impact. Given that the kitchen splashback tiles do not occupy a lot of space in the kitchen, this is a great opportunity to choose something a little bolder and even a bit more premium as the price per square metre will not put a hole in your budget.

Kitchen tiles with a bit of shine can be a great option, as they can catch the natural light in your kitchen and really elevate the space. Splashback tiles that have an intricate pattern can also be quite striking, and they can easily become a feature of your kitchen. If you are stuck on which kitchen tiles to choose, Kit Kat tiles are the most popular variety, as well as Feather tiles

Replacing your existing kitchen splashback tiles

Does your kitchen already have splashback tiles? If you do, they can be replaced very easily. Remove all your appliances and anything that is not part of the infrastructure away from the wall being tiled. You can remove the existing splashback tiles with a tile cutter and a metal scraping tool, making sure you also remove the dried grout that is stuck to the area. When this has been removed and you have sanded the area back to get those last bits of grout off you can move forward. 

Wet areas will always need to be waterproofed, and as the kitchen is mix-use, you can decide if this is necessary for your kitchen. Be sure to use tile spacers as you lie the tiles on the tile adhesive so you can see how they look before applying the grout. When you are happy with how the tiles are being laid and you have made your spacing amendments, you can carefully add your grout. Allow 24 hours of drying time so your kitchen splashback tiles can really set.

How to tile a kitchen splashback in a non-tiled space

If you are tiling splashback tiles onto a bare space, this is even easy! Ensure that the plasterboard is very clean and allow a 6-8mm gap between the bench and the edge of the first tile. This ensures that the tiles are not subjected to moisture, and it will create a much tidier look. Working up, lay your tiles row by row and use the spacers to ensure that you are creating equal space between every tile. 

If you have power output in the area that you are tiling, you will need to be strategic about your tile placement. If you are working with a patterned kitchen wall tile, then you will need to cut the tiles to accommodate the power output.  

Tilemall Mould Tile Pink

Considerations when tiling splashback tiles

There are a few things to consider when tiling your splashback. If you are removing the tiles and replacing the wall, then there may be asbestos and so you might need to get an asbestos professional to consult on the space or remove the wall. 

You also want to consider the kitchen splashback tiles you use and how they are going to work with any other kitchen tiles you have on the floor or kitchen wall tiles. If you have patterns that are competing against one another it will look messy and poorly thought-out. Choose a bold splashback tile if you have neutral tones throughout your kitchen. If you have lots of pops of colour in your kitchen, you might want to have something that is going to be in the same colour or something more demure.


Tilemall has provided thousands of Australians with splashback tiles that bring a modern influence to a kitchen space. If you would like to receive a kitchen splashback tile sample to see how your choice works with your kitchen decor, make a selection today! You can also find bathroom wall tiles and tile selections for other rooms in your home. 

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