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How to Clean Terrazzo Tiles: A Terrazzo Tile Maintenance Guide

It’s no lie that terrazzo tiles have taken the world by storm. These tiles are by no means new, but their revival has breathed new life into these Italian-inspired tiles, and it’s fabulous to see them integrated into our homes so beautifully. If you are considering tiling your home with terrazzo tiles or already have them at your home, you might be wondering how to clean terrazzo tiles. Today we will cover the tips and tricks on how to clean terrazzo tiles.

General tile maintenance 

Before we look at how to clean terrazzo tiles, let’s get a better understanding of what tile maintenance looks like. You want to be aiming for regular maintenance cleans with your tiles, as this is going to keep grime at bay and keep your tiles shining and looking as they have been designed. In the event that you have spills and a significant mess, you want to be jumping on this right away and agitating those masks with a firm bristled broom and some hot water. 

When it comes to cleaning solutions, choosing something that is quality is going to be your best bet. Chemicals that are too harsh might take the sheen off your tiles and leave them looking lacklustre after a few years – or even less. Now let’s take a look at how to clean terrazzo tiles so they look their best!

Cleaning terrazzo floor tiles

Like most quality floor tiles, your terrazzo flooring is going to be low maintenance. Aim to mop your terrazzo floor tiles once a week with a damp mop and a gentle cleaning solution. If your grime and marks do not lift with this approach, then you can take a firm bristled broom and agitate the grime after the cleaning solution has sat on the terrazzo floor tiles for a few minutes. wipe your 

There are some terrazzo floor tiles that are a matte finish and some terrazzo flooring has a gloss finish. The last thing you want to do is erode that tile finish and have some areas patchy and without the same sheen and matte finish as the rest of your flooring. This can really cheapen the look and feel of your terrazzo and it will look strange in natural light. To mitigate this, choose a natural cleaner and always spot test in a conspicuous area first (like the corner of a room or behind a permanent appliance). 

Terrazzo Tile

Considerations to make when cleaning your terrazzo tiles

Now, the beauty of the terrazzo tiles is that they have scattered stones in varying colours, sizes and edges. This can make spotting grime and marks harder than your average floor and wall tiles. If you choose terrazzo for your kitchen tiles, then it is even more important that you take a close inspection of your floors to identify any food or items that might be hidden in the pattern!

Vinegar is a very popular ingredient for tile cleaning, but this should not be used when cleaning your terrazzo tiles. The acidity in the vinegar can harm the delicate minerals and patterns of the terrazzo and over time the etching can dull significantly. If you use vinegar to clean your hardier floor tiles around the house, it may be worth switching your cleaning approach so that no vinegar finds its way onto your stunning terrazzo tiles. The last thing you want is to lose those flecks of metallic and bold colours that can be seen throughout a terrazzo tile.

How to clean terrazzo tiles that have been scuffed

Regardless of how careful we try to be, scuffing is inevitable on our floors. You might think that scuffing would be less subtle with terrazzo tiles, but not necessarily. In fact, if you do not clean your flooring as the scuffs appear, then the patterns, colours and overall look and feel might become dull and look dirty rather than patterned. Applying a sealant can go a long way in protecting your floors against scuffs. Think of it as placing an invisible barrier over your terrazzo floor tiles, and saving you time when you mop and tidy the space.

If you have bought a home with existing terrazzo tiles and they are in poor condition, then you might be able to use a harsher chemical to remove the years of scuffs and grime and bring it back to life. It is wise to consult with a professional before you do so.


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