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How to Choose the Perfect Bathroom Mirror

How to Choose the Perfect Bathroom Mirror

The mirror is the focal point of a bathroom’s design in more ways than one. Whether you’re looking at it as a feature piece in the traditional sense, or as the point of most visual use within a space, the mirror is going to be dominant in how a bathroom’s overall design looks and feels.

At Tilemall, we are dedicated to supporting Australian homes and businesses with an expansive range of tiles, bathroomware, vanities, and mirrors. So, to ensure that you’re getting the best mirror for your bathroom space, let’s take a look at a few tips and considerations to make when trying to find that perfect fit.

Choosing Your Size

There are a number of considerations that can go into what would be considered the best mirror for a particular bathroom. The reason for this is the fact that people’s needs are just different, meaning that what’s going to be good for one person is likely to be less ideal for another. For example, have you ever considered where the bathroom mirror in your house is actually positioned? For a shorter person, a small, raised high mirror may look fantastic as a feature piece but simply won’t be a good fit for actual use cases.

The fact is that sizing and design matter, so consider your different needs when picking a size before you start thinking about the specifics of what the mirror should look like. Practicality generally trumps most big displays of form over function as times shift, so by getting a mirror setup you really love and that works, you can make sure that you’ve already handled the basics.

Choosing Your Shape

Mirrors can come in a lot of different forms, with mirror shapes being something that many renovators like to experiment with for their own needs. Mirror shapes are a great way to quickly swap out the energy of a room. Shifting from a rectangle, angular mirror to a more compact circular one is going to make a world of difference in how your bathroom looks and feels. With that said, do take note of the rest of your bathroom’s design when making a choice. If, for example, you have a bathroom filled with soft lines and curves, having a rigid-looking rectangular mirror can appear quite out of place. This is also the case if you’ve gone for a more brutalist or earthy bathroom design and have a very rounded mirror as the feature.

To Cabinet or Not To Cabinet

If you’re someone who prefers to have that bit of extra storage to play with, having a vanity mirror with storage is a great way to get that extra shelving without compromising on mirror space. With that said, many people still prefer to have a mirror that is perfectly aligned and connected with the wall behind it, so despite the extra storage being desirable, it’s important to know what you want out of the finished piece.

Framed or Frameless

In recent times, there has been a little bit of a shift towards frameless mirrors, which blend seamlessly into a space and feel quite naturalistic. This is understandable, and frameless mirrors can be absolutely stunning when used correctly. However, that’s not to say they’ve superseded the traditional framed mirror, and there are many people who still much prefer the more self-contained beauty of a framed mirror over any modern variants.


Choosing the right mirror for your bathroom is a very personal decision, and one that it isn’t easy to just logic out. However, as long as you’re looking at a lot of different mirror varieties, we’re sure that you’ll find the one that is right for your space. For now, explore Tilemall’s range of shaving cabinets and mirrors, and find your next bathroom centrepiece today.

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