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Cleaning Simplified: How to Perform Weekly Upkeep on Your Bathroom Tiles

Cleaning your bathroom when you’re unmotivated can feel like a daunting task. There are chemicals, a variety of different surfaces each with its own needs, and a lot of areas in which issues can start to arise after a short while. Because of this, many homeowners and renters will start to neglect their bathroom spaces and allow grit and grime to start developing. This is bad from a health and aesthetic perspective, but it can also cause major issues for your tiles.

Today, we’re going to take a look at some bathroom tile maintenance tips and tricks to ensure that you are treating your tiles right.


A Little Background on Bathroom Tiles

Tiles are probably the most iconic part of modern bathroom design over the past few decades, and it’s easy to see why this is the case. After all, tiles are durable, they look great, and they offer a lot in the way of customisation and style. Plus, for those that prefer an easy clean, most tile styles are great for wiping away grit and grime with minimal issues. With that said, tiles aren’t completely maintenance-free, and if you want them to look their best, you should definitely be working tile care into your general maintenance tasks.


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What Will I Need to Maintain My Tiles?

In terms of tools, a lot of the things you’ll require for bathroom tile care are what you’d expect, including scrubbers, scours, a cleaning solution, etc. However, it’s in the specifics where people can start to slip up. For example, when it comes to a scrubber that is going to make its way through grime and moult, you’ll need to find one with very strong, durable bristles. In most cases, softer bristles are just going to rub on top of issues without actually dealing with the issue at all.

It’s also beneficial to have a toothbrush on hand, as it can be the perfect solution for getting into the grout and other difficult-to-reach surfaces. One area that toothbrushes thrive in cleaning-wise is those corners where problems can build up and develop. 


How to Avoid a Buildup of Grime & Dirt With Your Tiles

If you’re someone that hasn’t cleaned up their bathroom tiles in quite some time, you’ll likely need to go over the entire area pretty intensely with your bristled brush and tile cleaner before you start seeing results. It should be noted that there are tile-specific cleaning solutions that can be extremely helpful in this regard, especially if you’re worried about the effect a more traditional multipurpose cleaner may have on certain tile varieties. However, once you’ve done your due diligence and your tiles and grout are looking lovely, the secret is a simple wipe-down every 7 days.

It may seem like an obvious solution, but tile grime and other pollutants can only have a chance to build up if they’re not dealt with in the first place. A quick wiping down with a solution of water, vinegar and a dash of lemon can be all your bathroom needs to really maintain its lustre without the effort of a full-day clean.


The ABCs of Airflow

Another important element of keeping your bathroom tiles looking their best is simply not letting moisture linger for too long. In most cases after a shower or bath, this can be achieved by just leaving doors and windows open, and if you have one, keeping the fan in your bathroom going to disperse any mist that may linger. For bathrooms that really fog up, you may want to wipe down some of the more sensitive areas of your bathroom, but if you have proper ventilation, this shouldn’t be required. 



Maintaining your bathroom tiles on a day-to-day basis is as simple as can be as long as you’re willing to stay on top of any issues before they get out of hand. If you want more tips on how to really keep your bathroom tiles, and tiles in general, looking fantastic, explore the Tilemall blog for more topics each month.

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