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How to Choose White Tiles for Your Home?

White tiles are one of the most versatile tiles, as their neutral colour blends into almost every interior. While it may sound easy to choose white tiles for your next renovation project, the reality might not be so. Let’s go through the points you might need to consider when choosing white tiles.

Try the different tones of white

White tiles are a general term for tiles that look white. Under the “white tiles” umbrella, there are three different shades of white – true white, off-white and cream. The three different shades of white have varying reflective properties. As light bounces off the tiles differently, it changes how the interior looks to the eye.

True white reflects most light, which works best for spaces that lacks light or need a bright interior. White bathroom tiles are mostly true white tiles to reflect more light from the light source due to the lack of natural light in bathrooms.

Off-white tiles reflect less light than true white tiles. Because of the less reflective nature, off-white tiles are generally easier to be used in most spaces. These tiles are commonly found at backsplashes in kitchens.

Cream tiles have a yellow tone to their white colour. Lights reflected from cream-coloured are even softer than off-white tiles, helping to reduce light diffusion in the room.

Smart use of the different white tones of tiles can make a space feel brighter, roomier and separate the sub-spaces within an open area.

White Wall Tiles Bathroom

Don’t try to match different white tiles

Unlike paint, the colours of tiles are difficult to match without experience. Because of different materials and manufacturing processes of tiles, the colour resulted could vary greatly even if both tiles are described as off-white tiles – one may look more glossy than the other.

When choosing tiles for the same space and supply became a concern, do not try to match two types of off-white tiles together. The two different tones may lead to colour inconsistency between two walls and impact the end result.

White Terrazzo Floor Tiles

Play with patterned white tiles

Tiles with a single colour could be boring for interiors that are already plain. Tiles with patterns, such as natural marble tiles, add additional design touches to the design of an interior. White tiles with grey marbles are exceptional but subtle replacements to traditional white tiles.

Other than flat tiles, white tiles with 3D textures create shadows on the wall. The shadows are similar to the grey hues on natural marble tiles but will change according to light conditions.

Marble Marmo Apt 800X400 Honed White

Use a colour other than white for grout

Despite white grout is commonly used with white tiles, grout of other colours – grey, cyan and black – contrast with the white tiles to give a distinctive look to the interior. White grout helps to brighten up the space for it to feel roomier than it is.

If you are looking to visually widen the room but also using a colour other than white for grout, lighter colours are great choices while making the tiles stand out. But if you are looking for less grout cleaning, dark grout might be the choice for you.

Natural Marble Mosaic Baroque 75×75 Minggreen Honed_depth


Think about the colours outside

Unlike painted walls, tiles reflect light regardless of where the light is from. Most considered white tiles are only white as white tiles are commonly found in spaces lack of external light. But if white tiles are used in spaces that receive coloured light, the reflective properties of tiles, especially gloss tiles, can influence the hue of the room.

Always try to bring tile samples to where you are going to install them and check with the reflected hue. Also, bring along tiles of different white hue to check if true white, off-white or cream tiles suit the space best.

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