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Pink Backsplash Kitchen Tiles

How To Pick Awesome Colour for Tiles

Are you thinking about changing your home? Colour choices will always have a tremendous impact on the aesthetic of the property. Specific colours can make your home look modern and magnificent or fit with the rest of the decor. If you are using tiles to decorate the floor or wall of your property, then you […]

Mini Subway Tiles 45x235 Gloss Full White Kitchen Splash Back

A Guide to Subway Tiles

Subway tile refers to rectangular tiles (generally 3 inches x 6 inches) laid horizontally and made of ceramic tile. Subway tiles are known for their durability and their unique style of reflecting the style of New York subway stations. In the 21st century, the popularity of subway tiles is still rising due to their timeless design. […]

Terrazzo Floor Art

The History and Art of Terrazzo

Terrazzo dates back over five hundred years. Terrazzo, which means terrace in Italian, was invented in Venice as terrazzo floors during the 15th century. Workers merged the small marble rocks in clay with leftover marble chips and ground them flat into a smooth walking surface. Galeras is being made as a tool to allow the workers […]

Pattern Tile Flower Sea Series 210827 200X200 Matt

Ways to use Patterned Tiles for Your Home

Pattern tiles are increasingly popular with contemporary interior designs. Designers adopted this material more as tiles now offer more variations and offer the benefits of ease to clean and install. With patterns fired onto the surface of the tiles instead of hand-painted previously, pattern tiles do not fade that easily and simplify the installation of […]

Type of Terrazzo Tiles

Ways of Using Terrazzo Tiles In Your Home

Terrazzo recently took over the interior design world. Terrazzo tiles are featured and most widely seen in Art Deco. Terrazzo is also used on the entire Hollywood Walk of fame and designers could bring the Hollywood feel into their designs. Terrazzo is a composite stone made by a mix of recycled glass and materials like […]

Capricorn SPACE Mosaic POOL Ezarri

Beginner’s Guide to Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles are tiles with unconventional shapes or colours to add interior accents for plain spaces. While mosaic tiles are often correlated to retro styles, tile designers have been creating modern designs to revitalise mosaic tiles for a range of interior design projects. Given the long history of mosaic tiles, we will be going through […]

Terrazzo Wall and Floor Tiles in Sydney Restaurant

What is Terrazzo Look Tiles and Why You Need It?

Terrazzo tiles are one of the most considered options with its unique combination of stones in a tile. The stones featured in terrazzo tiles may be marble, quartz or granite to contrast with a mono-coloured base for the additional elements to stand out. The history of terrazzo began in ancient Egypt, when graphical patterns were […]

White Wall Tiles Terrazzo Floor Tiles Bathroom

How to Choose White Tiles for Your Home?

White tiles are one of the most versatile tiles, as their neutral colour blends into almost every interior. While it may sound easy to choose white tiles for your next renovation project, the reality might not be so. Let’s go through the points you might need to consider when choosing white tiles. Try the different […]

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