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Timber Look Tiles

Timber-Look Tiles: A Fantastic First-Time Guide

Unless you’ve recently been shopping for tiles to install in your home, you may not know how much the market has expanded in recent years. Due in a large part to the advances and capabilities of modern technology, there are now many different options available to home renovation professionals and do-it-yourself consumers when choosing the […]

White Wall Tiles Bathroom

Cleaning Simplified: How to Perform Weekly Upkeep on Your Bathroom Tiles

Cleaning your bathroom when you’re unmotivated can feel like a daunting task. There are chemicals, a variety of different surfaces each with its own needs, and a lot of areas in which issues can start to arise after a short while. Because of this, many homeowners and renters will start to neglect their bathroom spaces […]

Porcelain Mosaic Hexagon 23×26 Matt White floor tiles

How to Avoid Damaging Your Tile Floors

When we think about the classic additions to a home, few things spring to mind faster than tiles. As one of the most iconic aspects of kitchen and bathroom design, the tile floor has a wide range of benefits over its contemporaries and is unlikely to see competition anytime soon. Even as trends change and […]

How to Choose the Right Kitchen Tiles For Your Home

How to Choose the Right Kitchen Tiles For Your Home

As with most decisions a renovator may make, there’s a lot of variety in the way we use kitchen tiles. From the understated to the garish, the simple to the lavish; kitchen tiles can bring out the best and worst in space depending on their quality and how they’re used. It’s why we at Tilemall […]

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What Tiles Are Best For a Kitchen Splashback?

The idea of the kitchen as the centrepiece of a home is by no means a new one. It’s a place we use every day, a place where we eat, talk with loved ones, and create delicious and delightful things. Naturally, this has meant that kitchen design and picking the right kitchen tiles are very […]

Pattern Tile Terrazzo series T3119630M 05

How to Lay Terrazzo Tiles: A DIY Enthusiast’s Guide

Bathroom tiles are one of those parts of the house that always seem to be shifting trends. As an example, for years, every modern house was renovated to have sparkling white bathrooms as the new thing. Whilst this has by no means gone away, the past decade has seen the reemergence of a more artisanal, […]

Colour in Tile Design

Colour in Tile Design: How to Choose the Right Coloured Tiles

Tiles hold a special place in the world of home design. As an addition that brings both form and function to an abode, the tile is arguably one of the more ubiquitous parts of the household, perched alongside curtains and blinds in the hierarchy of home design essentials. With that said, tiles are not all […]

Pink Backsplash Kitchen Tiles

How To Pick Awesome Colour for Tiles

Are you thinking about changing your home? Colour choices will always have a tremendous impact on the aesthetic of the property. Specific colours can make your home look modern and magnificent or fit with the rest of the decor. If you are using tiles to decorate the floor or wall of your property, then you […]

Mini Subway Tiles 45x235 Gloss Full White Kitchen Splash Back

A Guide to Subway Tiles

Subway tile refers to rectangular tiles (generally 3 inches x 6 inches) laid horizontally and made of ceramic tile. Subway tiles are known for their durability and their unique style of reflecting the style of New York subway stations. In the 21st century, the popularity of subway tiles is still rising due to their timeless design. […]

Terrazzo Floor Art

The History and Art of Terrazzo

Terrazzo dates back over five hundred years. Terrazzo, which means terrace in Italian, was invented in Venice as terrazzo floors during the 15th century. Workers merged the small marble rocks in clay with leftover marble chips and ground them flat into a smooth walking surface. Galeras is being made as a tool to allow the workers […]

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