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White Wall Tiles Bathroom

Cleaning Simplified: How to Perform Weekly Upkeep on Your Bathroom Tiles

Cleaning your bathroom when you’re unmotivated can feel like a daunting task. There are chemicals, a variety of different surfaces each with its own needs, and a lot of areas in which issues can start to arise after a short while. Because of this, many homeowners and renters will start to neglect their bathroom spaces […]

28 Kemp St Tennyson Point NSW 2111 second floor

Outdoor Tile Maintenance: How to Keep Your Outdoor Tiles Clean

Having outdoor tiles is an excellent way to keep your outdoor areas fantastic and functional, with a wide range of customisation options for even the most discerning of designers to find a style they’ll love. However, the Australian outdoors comes with a wealth of differences compared to its indoor counterpart, with the main change being […]

Porcelain Mosaic Hexagon 23×26 Matt White floor tiles

How to Avoid Damaging Your Tile Floors

When we think about the classic additions to a home, few things spring to mind faster than tiles. As one of the most iconic aspects of kitchen and bathroom design, the tile floor has a wide range of benefits over its contemporaries and is unlikely to see competition anytime soon. Even as trends change and […]

Untitled 1

Outdoor Tile Talk: How to Clean Your Outdoor Tiles

There are lots of household tasks to complete in any given cleaning schedule, but some cleaning tasks carry more of an impact than others. Cleaning your outdoor tiles will not only give your outdoor space a new lease on life, but it can also be a pre-emptive measure against other damage. If you’re prepared to […]

Terrazzo Colour Mix 600×600 Matt

How to Clean Terrazzo Tiles: A Terrazzo Tile Maintenance Guide

It’s no lie that terrazzo tiles have taken the world by storm. These tiles are by no means new, but their revival has breathed new life into these Italian-inspired tiles, and it’s fabulous to see them integrated into our homes so beautifully. If you are considering tiling your home with terrazzo tiles or already have […]

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