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Modern Bathroom Vanity

How to Pick the Perfect Vanity For Your Bathroom

What makes a room feel considered? This may seem like quite a vague question to start this piece with, especially since you’ve already seen the title, but for renovators, it’s an important consideration. Each room in your house is going to be incredibly different, and even if they are the same stylistically, they are going […]

8 Underrated Home Renovation Tips Youve Got to Know

8 Underrated Home Renovation Tips You’ve Got to Know!

There’s a lot of information out there about home renovation – some of it good, and some of it not. Whether you’re looking to renovate your home or make a few tweaks here and there, you probably have many questions. What are the most important things to consider when planning a renovation? What are the […]

Mini Subway Tiles 45x235 Gloss Full White Kitchen Splash Back

Fresh Subway Tile Ideas to Recreate Your Kitchen

Subway tiles are white rectangular tiles that were originally made and used by the walls of the New York Subway in the early twenties. Nowadays, subway tiles are commonly used for the backsplash and feature walls with different styles and look paired with other sorts of tiles. The value behind subway tiles is the way […]

mapei grout

How to Choose The Right Grout For Your Tile?

The color of your grout will significantly impact your overall design, and is just as important in your decision-making process as choosing your tile color. It will determine whether your eye is drawn to the individual tiles or to the overall pattern. Grout color effects everything from the overall style of your design to the […]

Antique Stone 600×300 Matt Bianco

Before Christmas Bathroom and Kitchen Renovation

Pattern Tile Picasso Bloom Baby Blue 200×200 Matt   Get your home more Merry Christmas by renovating Bathroom, Porch and Backyard. Why not let Tilemall get your home to the next level? With the current events surrounding COVID-19, more families were having to shut their doors and ceased gathering due to government public safety measures. […]

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