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Pattern Tile Terrazzo series T3119630M 05

How to Lay Terrazzo Tiles: A DIY Enthusiast’s Guide

Bathroom tiles are one of those parts of the house that always seem to be shifting trends. As an example, for years, every modern house was renovated to have sparkling white bathrooms as the new thing. Whilst this has by no means gone away, the past decade has seen the reemergence of a more artisanal, […]

Natural Marble Mosaic Hexagon 48X48 Carrara Honed

Shapes, Colours Patterns – Be Inspired By The Tilemall Mosaic Tile Range

Mosaic Tiles? Marvellous! It’s easy to see why so many homeowners and decorators get carried away with the potential of mosaic tiles from Tilemall. After all, mosaics have been a feature in homes all over the world for literally thousands of years, cherished for their intricate, crafted look. Materials of Mosaic Tiles Let’s start with […]

Colour in Tile Design

Colour in Tile Design: How to Choose the Right Coloured Tiles

Tiles hold a special place in the world of home design. As an addition that brings both form and function to an abode, the tile is arguably one of the more ubiquitous parts of the household, perched alongside curtains and blinds in the hierarchy of home design essentials. With that said, tiles are not all […]

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