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Homebush Swimming Pool tiles renovation: Before and After

There’s nothing exactly like a Before and After pictures, to show how something has changed. Today’s blog could be a good way to show the different before and after pool renovations with just few photos. What spaces did you renovate? replaces a textured concrete deck and brick coping with a Cement Oslo 600x300mm tiles and […]

What Floor Tiles Are In Style? | Tilemall Australia

What Floor Tiles Are In Style?

Interior design is such a great avenue for personal expression. You can exercise your creativity and impart a bit of yourself into your home. When it comes to choosing your flooring, there are so many different options and variables to consider.  While large format porcelain tiles and subway tiles are incredibly popular choices in bathroom […]

How Do I Choose the Right Tile for My Home? | Tilemall Australia

How Do I Choose the Right Tile for My Home?

Choosing the right tiles for your home is one of the most important aspects of home renovation. Furniture and decor may go unnoticed, but your home’s walls and flooring are immediately apparent the second you step into a room. Consider These Factors You’ll want to consider the following variables before selecting tiles for a room: […]

Which Colour Tiles Are Best for the Kitchen? | Tilemall Australia

Which Colour Tiles Are Best for the Kitchen?

Designing a kitchen is no easy feat. It takes a lot of planning, colour coordination, and consideration of other external variables. These colour trends will give you some ideas of what colours work best in what areas of your kitchen. Be it a backsplash, flooring, wall tiles, or the best bet for designing a kitchen […]

How Do I Choose a Tile for My Living Room? | Tilemall Australia

How Do I Choose a Tile for My Living Room?

Brown, beige, grey, and amber hues are the most preferred colours for use in living rooms. Most people don’t opt for bold and colourful living rooms so if you’re searching for a timeless and classy aesthetic, then gentle and mild colours are ideal. There’s of course no reason you can’t have a riot of colour […]

Which Tiles Are Best For Flooring? | Tilemall Australia

Which Tiles Are Best For Flooring?

Been looking for a comprehensive guide on all the different types of floor tiles? You came to the right place. We’re giving the lowdown on what material and patterns work the best as living room, kitchen, outdoor, or bathroom tile. Whether you decide on natural stone, imitation wood, or ceramic tiles, Tilemall will help you […]

Tilemall Customer Chris – Real Life Reno

Our Tilemall customer Christopher and his partner renovated their home in Carlingford house on the back end of 2020. They completely transformed their bathroom top to bottom in the Cement Oslo Grey 600x600mm matt and Antique Kit Kat gloss white 12x92mm with the Chrome Bathware for a stunning contrast! 3D Cloud Design Intelligent design and render in minutes […]

Which Tile Is Best for Shower Walls? | Tilemall Australia

Which Tile Is Best for Shower Walls?

When it comes to remodeling or designing your bathroom, the tile wall in your shower is a focal point. You’ll want it to blend in with the rest of your bathroom while also maintaining other desirable properties, like durability and tile size as it relates to the appearance of grout lines. These are the main […]

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